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So, how is the cost of my next audit calculated, using my dashboard in SafetyWallet?

Ahh, well now that all depends upon you! You see, your next audit (review audit) will be discounted, just like the initial audit you have just done, was discounted. In the case of your initial audit, it  was an 80% discount. Your review audit discount differs though and will be dependent entirely upon what your compliance rating is. So, the action you take in improving or maintaining your compliance rating, determines the level of discount you get! Let's use an example to show this clearly:

Here's my compliance rating, 95.04%. I've been working hard over the last year to get my compliance to the best I can. It's now time for my first review audit. The discount I get off the cost of my review audit is what my current compliance rating is, so this time around, I get 95.04% off my audit price. That's another 15% on top of what I saved with my initial audit. So, not only am I compliant but I'm being rewarded for being compliant! Isn't that fantastic!

If I look at my 'Industry Price', it says R18,000.00, which is quite a step cost! However, because I'm a SafetyWallet member and my compliance is really good, I'm actually going to pay R892.80, for my audit!! That's not only crazy, that's amazing! Don't you agree!