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In SafetyWallet, what details do I need to give to make sure my profile, as a contractor, is correct on the Contractor Listing?

A very good question and a very important one too! There are actually a few important details which you need to provide to make sure your contractor profile is correct. These are as follows:

1/. Contact Name - this would be the name of the person in your company who would manage new sales or services to clients. 
2/. Contact Number - obviously, if we have a name, we also need a number so this person can be contacted. 
3/. Contact Email - again, if we have a name, you might want prospective clients to email the person instead or phoning. 
4/. Website Address - advertise yourself! If you have a website address, use it! You give the prospective client the opportunity to see what else you offer and to find out more about your company. 
5/. Keywords - you need to be found! You know best what your business does, so choose up to 15 keywords that you'd like our business to be searched under.