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When I’m working with my category selections on my SafetyWallet dashboard, can I leave my selections open (still active) and logout of SafetyWallet?

Yes, you can but it's not advisable to do so! The main reason being that, if you forget what you've done and login at a later date, you may be confused by what your Dashboard is telling you.

Let's explain this briefly in more detail. Whenever you select items in your Dashboard, such as your categories, SafetyWallet assumes you are going to follow these through to an order. If you do nothing to action them, you need to deselect them yourself. SafetyWallet does not automatically deselect them for you or deselect or forget about them when you exit your SafetyWallet Dashboard:

This selection and deselection process will also apply to any findings you select in your Guidelines Section. Remember, findings show in your Guidelines section, when you click on a category in your Categories section. You may select certain findings by clicking on any of the action buttons (your Order, Quote or Verify buttons) in your Guidelines:

These findings should also to be deselected before you exit your Dashboard. If they are not deselected, they will remain selected in your guidelines section. At the same time, these findings will also remain in your Summary section, waiting for an order to be placed on them (as SafetyWallet sees these as a possible order). So, the next time you open your Dashboard, they will appear immediately, possibly causing confusion: