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Risk Assessment

Why is a risk assessment so important in SafetyWallet?

The answer to this has a really cool aspect and a not so cool aspect. Let's get the not so cool aspect out of the way first! Here's where the red-tape rears its ugly head! A risk assessment is driven directly by legislation. Its importance is emphasised by a paragraph within the OHS Act directly implying a risk assessment be conducted. This means any failure to conduct a risk assessment constitutes a serious offence of the OHS Act.

Now the really cool aspect! It forms the basic building-blocks of any health and safety system within a business. Once conducted, it provides a road map to what actions are required to improve and maintain health and safety within the business. All other health safety measures (such as appointment letters, training, hygiene surveys, etc) are all control measures which stem from and have been identified, through conducting the initial risk assessment.