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Why is the Contractor Directory useful in SafetyWallet?

This is an important question! Why indeed? Well, there are a number of reasons why the Contractor Directory is useful to you:

1/. You are able to search and select the services of contractors quickly and easily. Their details are listed clearly, allowing you to make direct contact with them, with no fuss or hassle. 
2/. The contractors listed here are also like-minded businesses who are committed to health and safety as well. This means when you select a contractor from the list, you are much more likely to use a contractor who will work safely on your site. 
3/. By using a contractor from the Contractor Listing, you are again rewarded for your commitment to health and safety, as they will count towards your Contractor Rewards, which will count towards increased discounts on your SafetyWallet profile. 
4/. By being visible on the Contractor Listing, you can gain new business as other businesses can make use of your services.