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How do SafetyWallet and OHS Online fit together?

A very good question! The OHS Online management system and its database provide the driving force behind SafetyWallet and its benefits. The Audit Report, the Action Request (AR) report and the findings which drive your compliance, all come from OHS Online.

As you action findings, these are updated in OHS Online. These, together with maintaining health and safety functions within OHS Online, improve your compliance rating. Your improved compliance rating is reflected in your SafetyWallet membership profile. As your compliance increases so your eligibility for improved SafetyWallet rewards increases, saving you money on your health and safety costs.

It's a win-win situation! You win, as your compliance increases, indicating your workplace health and safety is managed correctly, opening up new rewards and allowing you to save more money when maintaining your health and safety. We win, as we move closer towards ensuring all your employees return home safely to their loved ones.