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How does my Compliance Reward work in SafetyWallet?

Another great question! The Compliance Reward is an additional reward incentive in SafetyWallet which rewards you, the member, based on your compliance rating. Your compliance rating is obtained from the outcome of your health and safety audit. So, you are rewarded according to how compliant you are to health and safety legislation. The more compliant you are, the greater the rewards you obtain as a member. The Compliance Rewards are:

Non-compliance (to H&S legislation) - 0% additional savings for the member. 
Bronze compliance (to H&S legislation) - 5% additional savings for the member. 
Silver compliance (to H&S legislation) - 7.5% additional savings for the member. 
Gold compliance (to H&S legislation) - 10% additional savings for the member.

Unlike the Membership Reward, the Compliance Reward only activates once you have had a health and safety audit conducted on your business premises.