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What can I expect from my SafetyWallet subscription?

So, what can you expect from your SafetyWallet Subscription? Well, being a SafetyWallet subscriber entitles you to a whole host of great benefits. Most of all, you are continually rewarded for your commitment to health and safety and making your workplace a safer and healthier place. On top of this, you have access to the following important benefits:
  1. Health & Safety Commitment Certificate.
  2. Annual Health and Safety Grading Certificate, when an audit is successfully conducted.
  3. Monthly Health and Safety Compliance Status Report.
  4. SafetyWallet Online Platform.
  5. SafetyWallet Health & Safety Programme with over 170 Policies and Procedures and growing monthly.
  6. Access and Control of the OHS Online cloud-based Health and Safety Management System.
  7. Daily OHS Online Monitoring of unsafe Health and Safety behaviours, conditions and statutory elements and highlighting failures to Policies and Procedures thus influencing a positive Health and Safety Mindset.
  8. OHS Online Mobile Inspection App with more than 40 inspection templates.
  9. Risk Control and Rewards Programme.
  10. Subscription discount incentives.
  11. Payment options for monthly and statutory services acquired from the SafetyWallet Shop, interest-free for up to 24 months.
  12. The 30 Health and Safety E-Learning training courses.
  13. Risk Assessment Template with over 1200 tasks with possible hazards and suggested control measures.
  14. Contractor Management and Rewards discount programme.
  15. Library of Toolbox Talks.
  16. Library of Health and Safety Alerts.
  17. Weekly Legislative updates on applicable legislation.
  18. Support for Injuries on Duty and Claim Management.
  19. Library of Safe Operating Procedures on more than 1200 Tasks.
  20. Library of eBooks and other Health and Safety Topics.
  21. Support for daily Health and Safety Risk Control and Compliance.