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Incident Tab

When I look at the list of documents in the Progress (Prog) tab, in the Incidents section in OHS Online, I see there is more than one Progress Report. Why is that?

That's a good question! You're quite right; the W.Cl.5 - Progress / Final Medical Report document is repeated in the Prog tab. This is because the W.Cl.5 report has two functions, as a progress medical report and a final medical report. When the progress medical report aspect is used, there is no way to know how many visits the injured employee will need to the doctor before the doctor considers the employee properly recovered. Thus, a number of reports may be needed before the final medical report is signed off. The repeat listings of the W.Cl.5 report, allow more these to be added, should more than one progress report be required in the process:

There is another document example in this list which has repeats; this is the doctor's document, which again is repeated because of the fact that more than one visit may be required: