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Induction Tab Workings

Induction Tab

What is the importance of the Induction tab in the Permit to Work (PTW), in OHS Online?

A really good question! The Induction tab of the PTW is another fundamental tab of the PTW, which helps to record contractor induction training. An important aspect of contractors (and their employees) coming onto site is that they are not aware of the hazards on-site or aware of how the site operates. Induction training helps to create this awareness for them and the Induction tab deals with reco View Full Answer

    Induction Tab

    In OHS Online, how do I complete the induction training register of the Induction tab?

    Okay, on to the next part of the induction tab! This section is where the contractor employees, undergoing the induction training are added. There are two basic ways to add employees to the register, to select existing employees or to add new employees.To add an existing contractor employee to the induction training register, click on the SELECT CONTACT button. This opens the employee l View Full Answer

      Induction Tab

      How do I complete the trainer details section of the Induction tab, in OHS Online?

      Okay, the last part of the induction tab! Great, we're almost done here! This section is where the details of the trainer(s), conducting the training are added. The addition of the trainer works in exactly the same way as that of the induction attendees, except that the persons selected will be taken from the client employee list, since the induction training will be conducted by the cl View Full Answer

        Problems with the Induction Tab

        Induction Tab

        In OHS Online, I can see an existing employee in the selection list but I can't add them to the induction training register of the Induction tab

        Okay, so you're having trouble trying to add an existing employee! No problems, there is a good reason why this is happening. If you check the details of the employee, you'll probably find that the ADD button of the employee is white and not green. If this is the case, then you can't add the employee because there is information missing from the employee detail, probably the work positi View Full Answer