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Make My Savings Better

How do I go about improving my savings on SafetyWallet?

That's a really great question! To answer that, we've actually created a section in your dashboard where you can play around with this to find out! It's called (wait for it!) the How Can I Make My Savings Even Better section (that's original!) and it follows on from the Guidelines section.

In order to use this, you need to select items in your Guidelines section by clicking on the Order action button. Don't worry, you won't place the order doing this; there are a couple more steps needed for your actual order to be sent. The purpose of clicking on the Order button is to place the items in the order queue. At the same time, this is done, SafetyWallet remembers yours cost and places them in the How Can I Make My Savings Even Better section. Now you have pricing information which you can use to compare savings: