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In my SafetyWallet Dashboard page, when I scroll down to my Summary section, there are lines displayed already, even though I have not chosen anything.

Oh, yes, don't worry, it's an easy mistake to make! What's happened is that you've not deselected options you will have selected when you previously opened your Dashboard. It's important to remember that whenever you select items in your Dashboard, such as findings you want to fix, if you do nothing to action them, you need to deselect them. SafetyWallet does not automatically deselect them when you exit SafetyWallet, since it assumes you will want to action them. The only way to cancel these is to deselect them before you exit your Dashboard.

Let's use an example to illustrate this. Say, I'm working in my Dashboard and I select three appointment letters to check the cost, with my rewards. I decide at the time not to place the order and so I deselect the Appointment Letters category in my Categories section but I don't deselect the letters themselves. When I open the Dashboard next time, the appointment letter findings will still be displayed in my Summary section, because I haven't deselected them: