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Audits in SafetyWallet


If a health and safety audit doesn’t fix my compliance with health and safety legislation, why, as a SafetyWallet member, should I do it?

That's a good question! There is a good reason why as well; actually, there are a couple of good reasons why. Firstly, the audit questions are linked directly to legislation so an audit establishes exactly where you stand with regards to health and safety. Knowing where you are (whether it's good or it's bad), allows you to determine a plan of action and thereby take constructive action to fix thi View Full Answer


Yes, health and safety audits are often very complicated and overwhelming, so how does the audit in SafetyWallet help me?

Well, it doesn't exactly but what it does do is provide the context as to why health and safety is the way it is. Now for the good news; we've taken all of the red tape, placed it into our audit and created a simplified way to explain the outcome in a way that makes sense to you. If it's easier to understand, it's easier to fix! Now all that hard work just got easier! View Full Answer

Findings in SafetyWallet


In SafetyWallet, what is the difference between closing a finding when a member does the work to closing a finding when Makrosafe does the work?

Nice question! When Makrosafe completes the work on behalf of a member, to resolve a finding, the finding will be closed by Makrosafe upon completion of the work. When a member completes the work to resolve a finding, the finding cannot be closed by the member. It can only be closed once the work done has been verified by Makrosafe. Once verified, Makrosafe will close the finding. View Full Answer


What is the difference between a desktop verification and a physical verification?

A desktop verification means the actions you've taken to improve your health and safety can be confirmed on the OHS Online system. Any charge made will be purely for the time taken to verify the action on the system. A physical verification means the action you've taken requires a practitioner to come out and make a site inspection to verify the health and safety actions taken. Any charge will inc View Full Answer