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Contractor Rewards in SafetyWallet


I have contractors who I use on an Service Level Agreement (SLA) basis. How would this work in SafetyWallet?

No problems! Simply submit the first tax invoice to us for verification. On confirmation, this will start the rewards period for that contractor. Then, in the last month of the year period, submit your latest tax invoice from the contractor. Once verified, the rewards period will reset to a new year, dated from the invoice date. There is no need to submit invoices monthly. View Full Answer


What happens if I want to vet a contractor who's not a SafetyWallet member?

Good question! You can still put forward a non- SafetyWallet contractor for vetting. What will happen is the contractor will be placed in a listing, a sort of limbo. We would then like to contact the contractor and get them enrolled on SafetyWallet too, so we can help them with their health and safety and provide them with an opportunity to enjoy our rewards. The moment the contractor becomes a me View Full Answer


That seems a bit unfair!

Not really! While it might seem unfair, it forms part of our strategy to improve health and safety in South Africa, improving contractor compliance in the workplace. By encouraging contractors to join SafetyWallet we can help improve compliancy in the workplace and improve the likelihood of ensuring all employees in the country go home safely to their loved ones. View Full Answer


Is there anything I can do to help?

Absolutely! You can insist that all your contractors become SafetyWallet members. Encourage them to join or get them to contact us to find out more. By improving the compliancy of contractors in the country, you can have the peace of mind that contractors selected from SafetyWallet will be safer in their operations, meaning a lessor likelihood of you experiencing a serious incident due to contract View Full Answer