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How do the helpfile questions work for SafetyWallet and OHS Online?

Yes, that's a good question! When the questions first appear, you'll see they appear as a list, with no associated answers. The reason for this is that it keeps the questions simple and easy to find. Next to each question, there is a 'Q' icon, indicating it is a question. To the right of the question, you'll see a blue button which says 'Show Answer'. Clicking on this button will reveal the answer to the question:

These buttons work on a toggle mechanism, so clicking on the blue 'Show Answer' button will open the answer to the question. At the same time, the button will change its name and colour and display as 'Hide Answer' (orange). When this is clicked on, the button will revert to the blue 'Show Answer' button and the answer will disappear.

Some questions will include images to help provide an explanation. Again, like the answer button, these images also have a toggle button which shows or hides the image. Again, this helps to keep the question simple for you, so it's easier to understand: