SafetyWallet provides customised Digital Strategy & Support services ensuring that your subscription performs optimally on the SafetyWallet platform. A successful SafetyWallet marketing campaign relies on flexibility and always ties into a company’s Health and Safety Commitment and Compliance. The SafetyWallet support team is committed to understanding your business not only for Health and Safety Compliance, but for giving your company the optimal benefit to obtain business from other subscribers on the SafetyWallet platform and Contractor and Supplier platform.

Your SafetyWallet Subscription includes the following Support:


  1. Listed and visibility on the SafetyWallet's web site and Contractors and Suppliers Portal
  2. SafetyWallet and OHS Online Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Keywords
  3. Awareness of Contractor and Supplier Compliance and Rewards Awareness
  4. Email Campaigns to SafetyWallet Subscribers
  5. Using Metrics to analyse data to improve campaigns
  6. Discount to advertise on SafetyWallet's website and subscriber portal
  7. Exclusive advertising via mail-shot to all SafetyWallet's Members
  8. Use of the SafetyWallet' and Partners logo’s on your Website and Stationery
  9. Basic Reporting/Analytics
  10. Referals and Networking

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SafetyWallet membership Packages is as follow:
*Pricing is per branch
*Enjoy all other benefits from being a SafetyWallet Member Read More

Friend Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R650
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 25%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees 1 – 50

Family Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R1300
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 30%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees 51 – 100

Champion Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R2500
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 35%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees 101 – 300

Pinnacle Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R3500
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 40%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees >300

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