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A Legal Compliance Audit measures compliance in Health and Safety.

Also referred to as a Health and Safety Gap Analysis, this assessment is required to measure all aspects of your health and safety programme, against the existing legislation, to which it must comply.

How the Health and Safety Audit is Conducted?

Your audit will be completed by a seasoned professional in the field of occupational health and safety. The audit itself, will be industry specific, meaning the information will be measuring your compliance, not only in terms of health and safety, but also in terms of what your competitors are doing.

How Often Should you Complete an Audit?

These audits need to be completed once a year, as a means of measuring your current performance as well as to plan and prepare for the year to come. It is also recommended to perform these audits once a process of health and safety programme implementation is completed. 

What Will you get After the Audit is Completed?

On completion of your gap analysis, the auditor will be communicating an audit report, which summarises all the findings relevant to your business for you. This report will not only show where compliance is not adhered to but also show you where gaps are currently covered.

Further to this, the report will provide you with an overall statistical compliance graph, which is very handy for the SafetyWallet subscribers, aiming at using their compliance rewards towards discounted services and products on My Safety Shop.

As a SafetyWallet subscriber, you will then receive the required support to close those gaps that have been identified, to move towards health and safety compliance and to keep people safe from harm.

What is Being Measured in the Legal Compliance Audit?

The audit measures compliance of the business on the following aspects whilst considering the accountability and responsibilities of both employer and employee (as well as third party stakeholders, such as contractors):

  1. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (No85 of 1993) and its accompanying Regulations
  2. The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (No130 of 1993)
  3. Local Municipal by-laws
  4. South African National Standards
  5. Tobacco Products Control Act (No83 of 1993)
The accountability and responsibility of the stakeholders are then also assessed in the process of completing the audit by looking at Policies, Procedures and Practises, in terms of health and safety at the workplace.

How do you Pay for Your Audit?

Payments for the health and safety audits can be done either by paying the full amount, excluding your SafetyWallet subscription discount, or you may place your audit on a payment plan, as a SafetyWallet subscriber.
Both of these options can be accessed for purchase through the SafetyWallet Shop, which is the My Safety Shop platform for SafetyWallet subscribers, to cater for their discounts and rewards.

Do you Need a Compliance Audit to Obtain a Health and Safety Compliance Certificate?

The answer to this is "Yes". To determine whether a business qualifies for a compliance certificate, the health and safety legal compliance audit should first be conducted to determine the company's compliance score. Only once a company move above 89% does it start qualifying for a health and safety compliance certificate.




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