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Health and Safety Training is the process of providing the required knowledge and skills to employees for performing their function in Health and Safety effectively, skillfully and qualitatively. The training of employees is not continuous, but is periodical and for this reason your Dedicated SafetyWallet Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) will SUPPORT you all the way and ensure you get the maximum benefits as a SafetyWallet Member.

Your SafetyWallet Subscription includes the following:

  1. Dedicated Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)
  2. E-Learning
    Free Unlimited E-Learning Training with over 36 training courses
  3. Accredited E-Learning
    E-Learning and Formal Assessment on all E-Learning Accredited Training and Learnerships
    (on site assessment discount rewards are applicable)
  4. Formal Training (Accredited / Workshops and Induction)
    Centralized and On-Site Training, Formal Classroom Training on all Accredited / Workshops / Induction and Learnerships Training
    (Membership discount and rewards are applicable)
  5. OHS Online Cloud-Based Management System
    Free Unlimited users
  6. SafetyWallet Dashboard
    Free Unlimited Users
  7. Support with Annual Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)
  8. Support with Skills Development Levy (SDL) Reimbursements
  9. B-BBEE Learnership Assistance
  10. Tax Incentives for Qualifications, Bursaries and Learnerships Assistance
  11. Support with COVID-19
  12. Free Weekly Legislative Updates
  13. Free Monthly Newsletter
  14. Support with Legislative Requirements in Training

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SafetyWallet membership Packages is as follow:
*Pricing is per branch
*Enjoy all other benefits from being a SafetyWallet Member Read More

Friend Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R650
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 25%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees 1 – 50

Family Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R1300
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 30%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees 51 – 100

Champion Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R2500
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 35%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees 101 – 300

Pinnacle Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R3500
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 40%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees >300

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