Health and Safety Risk Control

Risk Control starts with a health and safety risk assessment to identify the workplace hazards so that employers can implement the most effective controls available.

Health and safety risk management requires a thorough awareness of the legal environment, ideas, risk analysis, assessment and prevention/control methods, as well as the role played by everyone involved. Also, health and safety risk management should be based on proven and validated approaches.

Risk management is aimed at preventing injuries and ill health in the workplace by finding out what could go wrong and then deciding on the best methods to prevent them.

Risk control is just one part of the process of reducing exposure. Safety risk management, on the other hand, is a systematic approach to risk mitigation.

Risk Control

As part of risk management, specific steps are taken to lessen exposure to risk by recognising, mitigating, and assessing it.

The first step in controlling risks is to do a health and safety risk assessment. This helps employers figure out if there are any dangers in the workplace and how bad they are so they can use the best control measures possible.

Elimination, substitution, engineering controls (modifications to the environment or equipment that poses the risk), administrative controls (modifications to the workflow or work process), and personal protective equipment (safety gear worn by the workers, such as hard hats, safety glasses, and chemical-resistant gloves) are some of the health and safety risk control options.

Risk management necessitates a step-by-step approach and should be carried out with the active participation/involvement of the entire workforce, which is a critical aspect. There is virtually no use in conducting risk assessments if they are not kept up to date on a routine basis.

In addition to being a legal mandate, performing risk assessments is a smart business move that keeps companies on the cutting edge of their industry. As the first step in any Occupational Safety and Health Management (OSH) system, it is a dynamic process that helps organisations create a proactive risk management policy and lays the groundwork for taking the right preventive steps.

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An occupational health and safety risk is the combination of the chance that something bad will happen or that someone will be exposed to something bad and the severity of the harm or illness that can be caused by it.

In order to avoid placing employees, customers, and the company as a whole at risk, employers need to know what the risks are and take steps to prevent or mitigate them. First and foremost, the ALARP (as low as reasonably practical) principle is the core purpose of risk management.

Different risk assessments are used in practise, from baseline to issue-based and task-based, for the identification of risks, which are then eliminated or reduced by effective risk management procedures so that workers can perform safely.

Employers must appoint health and safety personnel based on the number of employees they have. The competent individuals who are appointed assist the organisation with health and safety issues such as health and safety risk assessments.

The employer delegates responsibility to health and safety personnel, and it is critical that they are trained and have the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out their duties in accordance with the law and regulations.

Risk controls include activities aimed at reducing or eliminating risk. Alternatively, the control could be designed to prevent the risk from ever occurring. It is common for risk controls to attempt to reduce the losses associated with a specific activity.

Even though managed risk is much safer than it used to be, employees are still at risk in many situations. A corporation can also delegate some or all of the risk that comes with certain operations or responsibilities to a third party.

Not all businesses have this resource internally, and therefore they outsource such services to a third party, such as SafetyWallet, to improve and ensure compliance with legislation.

How does SafetyWallet support its subscribers?

SafetyWallet, in partnership with MAKROSAFE and My Safety Shop, ensures that subscribers can obtain the highest level of compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Over the course of 23 years, MAKROSAFE has provided advice and risk assessments to help businesses keep their workplaces safe for their employees.

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By subscribing to a complete Health and Safety Risk Control Package, employers are not only admitting that risk management is important; they are also developing their health and safety management systems to the point where they may qualify for a health and safety compliance certificate.

In the process, they are ensuring that all their employees can return home healthy and safe after work.

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My Safety Shop - Health and Safety Risk Control Package

The Health and Safety Risk Control Package is essential for employers who want to ensure that their risk assessments are effectively implemented, monitored, and controlled in order to ensure the safety of all workers.

With the approved amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993, this package will assist employers in aligning their health and safety risk management for the expected promulgation of the OHS Act Amendment Bill.

Comprehensive Monthly Safety Risk Management Reports, an annual Risk Assessment Recall, and access to 608 health and safety policies, procedures, and practises are all part of this package and come at no extra cost to SafetyWallet subscribers.

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Posted date: 15th Aug 2022
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