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What is a SafetyWallet Health and Safety Audit about, and why should you have one?

SafetyWallet helps employers understand their health and safety compliance by giving subscribers an 80% discount on their health and safety audit and provides them with the necessary tools and support to work toward and remain health and safety compliant. This ensures that employers can improve Health and Safety Compliance, while offering rewards as motivation along the way.

SafetyWallet offers employers with a subscription programme which not only encourages employers in being compliant to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and all other legislation, but duly rewards them in doing so as well.

In collaboration with its partners, SafetyWallet covers the following components which are comprised across the Health and Safety in Industry as well as Commerce:

  • Health and Safety Training
  • Health and Safety Programme
  • Health and Safety Compliance Grading Audit, and
  • Subscriber Advertising

Each of these is an imperative element towards full OHS compliance. In addition, the Health and Safety Audit involves a process which consists of an in-depth examination of an employer’s entire Health and Safety programme.

The key focus of this health and safety audit is to identify and duly manage the occupational health and safety in a particular workplace. It also offers a path which is structured according to continuous and efficient improvement to overall OHS compliance as well as the status of best practice.

In addition to this, the SafetyWallet Health and Safety Audit also involves employers acknowledging crucial elements. These specifically surround Occupational Health and Safety Management and standards which are recognized.


Health and Safety Audit

The SafetyWallet Health and Safety Audit in detail

Purpose of a Health and Safety Audit

Most employers may pose the question of whether it is a legal obligation to conduct a Health and Safety Audit. While it is not a legal obligation, it is, however, highly recommended to ensure that the employer provides a healthy and safe workplace not only for its employees, but any person who enters the premises.

These Health and Safety Audits are widely recognised as a best practice for companies, regardless of their industry, sector, size, or nature of business. It is imperative to understand that it cannot merely consist of a checklist format with minimal defensive measures.

In conducting a Health and Safety audit in the correct manner, it allows employers to protect employees, contractors, suppliers and customers from harm. In the long run, conducting an audit effectively can safeguard the existence of the company.

To ensure that a health and safety audit is effective, it is important to consider the following five steps which must be followed:

  1. Audit Planning

As an audit can be considered a test, it is imperative to ensure that a test plan is established before it can be executed. An audit plan consists of basic documentation referring to “who, what, and where”.

The “who” will refer to the audit team whereas the “what” correlates with the scope including document tasks, checklists, and other controls and guides for evaluation. Lastly, the “where” includes the designation, or the targeted areas of the workplace.

  1. Execution

As soon as the team has been identified and the scope along with the baseline documents have been defined, the audit can proceed as planned.

It is imperative that execution goes beyond the reviewing of documents and can include physical inspections along with interviews held with various personnel. This provides information, insight, and recommendations from the workforce in the environment.


  1. Audit reports

The Health and Safety Audit Report involves the integration of the test results of the 15 Elements of the SafetyWallet audit along with information into a report which is concise.

The audit report is well-documented and provide details on variances to the audit baseline, audit findings, and descriptions of things which are in order and areas that require focus.

  1. Corrective measures, action plans, and processing of improvements

The audit findings must contribute to the continuous process improvement effort to ensure workplace safety.

In the audit report, there may be findings which identify corrective actions which must be set in place to ensure worker safety.

  1. Communication

Conducting a health and safety audit is imperative for employee protection and morale as well as business continuity. Employees must have a transparent understanding of the audit and the status of their health and safety.

By ensuring that audit results are communicated, it creates understanding and awareness of the health and safety efforts of the employer. It also shows collaborative health and safety results achieved by supervisors along with other line employees.

Process involved in a SafetyWallet Health and Safety Audit

Typical audit processes involve three elements namely the document-checks, interviews, and physical compliance checks.

Reviewing relevant documentation will ensure that employers have the required health and safety policies, process documents, and suitable health and safety controls where harmful substances and high-risk work is concerned in the workplace.

Through conducting interviews with relevant personnel such as managers, heads of departments, and personnel on the ground, insight can be obtained based on actual everyday working experiences.

Apart from ensuring that the relevant documentation is in place, it is also imperative to check that the policies, procedures, and standards are adhered to in the workplace.

In detail, SafetyWallet’s Health and Safety Audit can be broken down as follows:

  • The SafetyWallet auditor reviews all the elements encompassed in the Health and Safety Programme of the employer. This is done against the requirements of OHSA and regulations in addition to all other applicable legislation.
  • The SafetyWallet auditor will assess the effectiveness concerned with the implementation of these arrangements.
  • The SafetyWallet auditor will inspect the workplace and measure operations against implemented policies, procedures, standards, and all other regulations.
  • The operational activities will be sampled in accordance.
  • The SafetyWallet auditor will proceed to interview management as well as staff members and SafetyWallet partners.
  • The participants’ roles and duties will be also be discussed.
  • After this has been done, the SafetyWallet auditor will provide and present the audit report to the employer’s arrangement team. During this, observations as well as recommendations will be provided and, lastly,
  • An action plan for consideration will be provided and available on the SafetyWallet dashboard with guidelines and solutions to correct the nonconformances.


A Health and Safety Compliance Certificate is issued to an employer following the completion of a Health and Safety Audit. As soon as a workplace has been found free of risks, potential future risks, hazards, and it meets the relevant standards, the employer can be declared legally compliant and will be issued with the relevant certification proving such.

It should be noted that the certificate is only valid for a year, which means that employers must have audits conducted annually at the workplace, according to legal stipulations, to ensure continuous compliance.

A year provides a lot of time for changes to the workplace, whether subtle or drastic, and employers should not wait until the audit to correct these efficiently. Employers must ensure that health and safety compliance is kept and maintained in place every day and ensure that measures are adapted to cover all hazards and risks.

What are the benefits of a SafetyWallet Health and Safety Audit, why use a SafetyWallet Auditor?

Health and Safety Audit Work Safety

It ensures that the Health and Safety Audit is conducted by trained and experienced professionals. It also ensures that all elements of the audit, and the steps involved, are followed accordingly, and that the employer and personnel affected have a clear understanding of the compliance in the workplace.

Both the employer and their employees can benefit greatly from having a SafetyWallet Health and Safety audit conducted. In addition, SafetyWallet goes beyond that to help and support the employer in obtaining a higher level of health and safety compliance.

Posted date: 31st Jan 2021
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