JAM International – Our Health and Safety Programme pays for itself with our SafetyWallet Subscription

JAM International, as a subscriber of SafetyWallet, has achieved a 610.8% Return on Investment (ROI) according to the SafetyWallet ROI calculator.

When weighed against the industry average ROI, JAM International is 277.87% above that average. ‘Our Health and Safety Programme pays for itself with our SafetyWallet subscription’

JAM International’s health and safety road map is as follows:

  • Step 1) Friend Circle Membership, and
  • Step 2) Maintaining the implemented Health and Safety programme

In the last twelve months to date, according to the ROI calculator, JAM International has saved approximately R36,963.24 in becoming a member of SafetyWallet and making use of the support and guidance to ensure full compliance with regard to their Health and Safety Programme.

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We presented the CFO of JAM International, Nico Esterhuizen, with a series of questions:

  • What does SafetyWallet mean to JAM International?

SafetyWallet has ensured that JAM International could remain active whilst monitoring and assessing Health and Safety hazards on the premises.

These were done monthly at a reasonable cost and ensured a continuous healthy and safe working environment for employees.

Furthermore, workplace health and safety were improved through the implementation and maintenance of a positive Health and Safety culture within the organisation.

SafetyWallet’s continued support and assistance also assisted JAM International to start progressing toward improved Health and Safety practices within the entire organisation.

  • What has JAM International gained through SafetyWallet support, over the last six months?

Through SafetyWallet, cost-effective Health and Safety inspections have been conducted and a comprehensive Health and Safety programme was implemented.

There is continuous telephonic support as well as monthly updates.

JAM International has received updated action request reports along with COVID-19 assistance in ensuring that Health and Safety protocols for continued operations are in place.

Risk assessments were conducted, premises maintained and there was ample opportunity for cost-effective COVID-19 E-learning induction training to substantiate protocols that needed to be followed during the pandemic.

  • Where does JAM International see its health and safety programme in the next twelve months?

With continuous support and assistance from SafetyWallet and its partner MAKROSAFE, JAM International foresees the continuous improvement of its Health and Safety programme.

This ensures that there is consistent improvement in the organisation’s Health and Safety compliance and that within the next twelve months, SafetyWallet can be used to further improve Health and Safety across the entire organisation.

SafetyWallet Overview

SafetyWallet provides employers and businesses with an easy and cost-effective way to improve compliance with the following:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act, or OHSA.
  • All other relevant Legislation
  • Regulations
  • Standards, and
  • Metropolitan and/or Municipal Bylaws which relate to Occupational Health and Safety within the workplace.

The purpose of such a membership programme is to encourage businesses to become more compliant and ensure a safe working environment for employees while reaping various benefits such as being rewarded for compliance as it improves.

When employers join SafetyWallet, they will be categorized according to their number of employees per branch and receive an immediate reward accordingly. The membership circles and their associated rewards are as follows:

  • Mini Circle with 1 to 10 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 15% and an audit discount reward of 15%.
  • Care Circle with 11 to 20 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 20% and an audit discount reward of 20%.
  • Friend Circle with 21 to 50 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 25% and an audit discount reward of 25%.
  • Family Circle with 51 to 100 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 30% with an audit discount reward of 30%.
  • Champion Circle with 101 to 300 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 35% with an audit discount reward of 35%.
  • Pinnacle Club with more than 300 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 40% with an audit discount reward of 40%.

Members of SafetyWallet are further motivated by rewarding them for increased health and safety compliance. There is also an additional reward discount should members keep their health and safety compliance above 89%.

When members achieve this percentage of compliance, they can expect the following rewards according to the indicated percentages of compliance:

  • Compliance of 89% to 92% – an additional 5% compliance reward discount.
  • Compliance of 93% to 96% – an additional 7.5% compliance reward discount.
  • Compliance of 97% and above – an additional 10% compliance reward discount.

Should the member have contractors and suppliers that associate with the business, members can obtain additional rewards discounts of between 2.5% to 12.5% depending on the number of contractors reporting to the member?

The SafetyWallet audit process and annual grading provide members with their current level of compliance and should the compliance be 89% and above, members receive recognition along with a compliance badge according to the following:

  • 89% to 92% – Bronze Compliance
  • 93% to 96% – Silver Compliance
  • 97% and above – Gold Compliance

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About JAM:

Founded in 1984 by South-African born Peter and Ann Pretorius, Joint Aid Management (JAM)  is a multi-national non-Government Organization.

Our mission is to provide food security, nutrition, water and sanitation to vulnerable communities in Africa in dignified and sustainable ways.

We run a multitude of programmes in Angola, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Sudan and Uganda.

JAM has registered affiliate support offices in Canada, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, the United States, the United Kingdom and representatives in Norway.

For more information please visit: www.jamint.com.

This article was published in partnership with JAM.


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Posted date: 3rd May 2022
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