Residentia’s Health and Safety Programme is supported by SafetyWallet with an excellent return on investment

Residentia - ROI and Road Map

Since becoming a member of the SafetyWallet membership rewards programme, Residentia has obtained a 47.1% ROI.

The ROI Industry average is currently 46.24% which places Residentia approximately 0.86% above the industry ROI.

The road map for Residentia is as follows:

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Joe Duvenhage was only too happy to discuss his membership with us when we approached him:  

What does it mean to be a SafetyWallet member?

SafetyWallet has presented Residentia with the opportunity to obtain trust and support from its supplier during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Support and assistance have been provided by SafetyWallet and its partners at an affordable rate. In addition, SafetyWallet has provided Residentia with the opportunity to ensure the health and safety of employees in the workplace.

Trust has been instilled in Residentia to continuously ensure that employees and visitors to the premises are protected against health and safety hazards and risks.

How did SafetyWallet support Residentia over the last 6 months?

SafetyWallet has offered its support in the following:

  • Cost-effective monthly Covid-19 health and safety inspections
  • Continuous monthly assistance with WCA claims.
  • Support and assistance with Covid-19 packages, risk assessments, safety posters, inspections, the issue of symptom monitoring documents, and more.
  • Assistance with DoEL inspections, and
  • Assistance with Covid-19 related reports and WCA claims.

How did Residentia benefit from SafetyWallet’s rewards in the last 12 months?

Residentia has received an approximate R11,474.20 rewards discount in the last 12 months.

What is the outlook on the Health and Safety Programme for Residentia for the next 12 months?

Residentia can, through the continued support and assistance from SafetyWallet in its partnership with MAKROSAFE, maintain the health and safety programme which has been implemented.

In addition, with the continued maintenance on the health and safety programme, Residentia can continuously improve its overall health and safety compliance.

SafetyWallet Overview

SafetyWallet has more than a thousand members in South Africa and the focus is on the continuous support and assistance provided to employers who become SafetyWallet members.

The drive is to ensure that SafetyWallet members and businesses across all industries work towards becoming more compliant in both health and safety.

SafetyWallet, in its partnership with both MAKROSAFE and OHS Online, provide a membership programme with the aim to encourage employers in complying fully with health and safety regulations.

There are four different components of health and safety in which SafetyWallet provides support and assistance to its members, namely:

  • Health and Safety Training
  • Health and Safety Programme
  • Health and Safety Compliance Grading Audit, and
  • Member Advertising.

SafetyWallet helps its members understand their current health and safety compliance according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, all other Legislation, Regulations, Standards, and any Metropolitan and/or Municipal Bylaws relating to health and safety.

In addition, SafetyWallet members are provided with the necessary assistance as well as support on their journey to improve their current compliance to the highest level.

As soon as an employer becomes a SafetyWallet member, they qualify for immediate rewards based on the size of the company as per their number of employees per branch.

There are four different rewards circles that employers can join to earn immediate rewards:

  • Mini Circle with 1 to 10 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 15% and an audit discount reward of 15%.
  • Care Circle with 11 to 20 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 20% and an audit discount reward of 20%.
  • Friend Circle with 21 to 50 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 25% and an audit discount reward of 25%.
  • Family Circle with 51 to 100 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 30% with an audit discount reward of 30%.
  • Champion Circle with 101 to 300 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 35% with an audit discount reward of 35%.
  • Pinnacle Club with more than 300 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 40% with an audit discount reward of 40%.

As soon as the member has undergone the Safety Compliance Grading Audit to determine what the member’s current level of compliance is, the SafetyWallet Compliance level rewards can be activated.

The additional compliance reward discount following the Audit are as follows:

  • Compliance from 89% to 92% - an additional 5% compliance reward discount.
  • Compliance from 93% to 96% - an additional 7.5% compliance reward discount.
  • Compliance above 97% - an additional 10% Compliance reward discount.

In addition to the rewards that the member can obtain, members also receive a detailed report which provides an executive summary of the audit which highlights the steps and actions which can be taken to improve the member’s health and safety compliance.

By minimizing safety and health hazards and risks in the workplace, members can protect their employees and visitors to the premises in addition to obtaining great rewards which help the member obtain substantial discounts from SafetyWallet.

SafetyWallet members also have the opportunity for further discounts and rewards based on the number of contractors that they have on their contractor control register on OHS Online.

Rewards that can be obtained through this include an additional rewards discount as per the following:

  • 5 Contractors and/or Suppliers – additional 2.5% rewards discount
  • 10 Contractors and/or Suppliers – additional 5% rewards discount
  • 15 Contractors and/or Suppliers – additional 7.5% rewards discount
  • 20 Contractors and/or Suppliers – additional 10% rewards discount, and
  • 25 Contractors and/or Suppliers – additional 12.5% rewards discount.


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Residentia Overview


Residentia was established in 1957 in Pretoria, South Africa, by the Reformed Church. It was initially founded under the name “Gereformeerde Stigting” or Reformed Foundation, and it has grown into a large organization with 14 schemes across South Africa.

The facilities provided by Residentia include:

  • Retirement resorts
  • Old age homes
  • Frail care centres
  • Self Service centres
  • Home-based care
  • Childcare centres, and
  • Seaside camp sites for children.

The 14 schemes and facilities which are spread across South Africa can be found in the following locations:

  • Arboretum
  • Bethlehem
  • Bethulie
  • Boland, Cape Town
  • Hermon, Pretoria
  • Mirtehof, Pretoria
  • Mooi Hawens, Winkelspruit
  • Moria, Krugersdorp
  • Ons Huis, Roodepoort
  • Palm-Oord, Bethal
  • Sering, Rustenburg
  • Sunnyside, Pretoria
  • Waterberg, Nylstroom, and
  • Wilgerus, Frankfort

Residentia offers a wide range of facilities and amongst others includes elderly care regarding the following:

  • Facilities where individuals can live independently
  • Impaired care
  • Dementia care, and more.

With regards to short-term care, Residentia caters for the following:

  • Acute illnesses such as pneumonia, infections, injuries, and any other conditions which are considered temporary.
  • Palliative care where Residentia provides physical- as well as emotional support to residents and their families who face challenges associated with life-threatening illnesses at the end of living care.
  • Post-operative care which includes medication control, wound care, and assistance with daily activities during a rehabilitation period.
  • Daycare – where loved ones are taken care of in a socially stimulating environment. This enables family care partners to take care of other needs and responsibilities in daily life.

Residentia offers the following home care services:

  • Caring for the elderly by providing comprehensive services and assisting with hygiene, grooming, and dressing in addition to medication and medical services, meal preparation, health support, and more.
  • Flexible options which put the elderly in a position where they can receive basic health care in addition to care services in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Care for the disabled through services to support therapeutic services, hygiene, grooming and dressing, meal preparation, and more.
  • Short-term care through the provision of services for sub-acute medical types, support through the provision of tools and equipment, repair care, and family care support.

Adequate provision is also made for childcare centres and a Coastal Campground for Children. Residentia forms part of a variety of community projects throughout South Africa.

Residentia’s vision focuses on the recognition of each person placed in care, whether in or outside the centres, as an individual with their own identity, background, preferences, and needs.

The purpose of establishing a safe environment does not only pertain to physical facilities, but to ensure that there is financial security and that an emotionally safe haven can be provided.

The environment provided by Residentia provides everyone with a life where they have purpose and where performance and growth are continuously present. It also allows each person to experience social interaction in a safe environment.

It is imperative that, through the provision of such an environment, everyone can make choices which is autonomous and free, depending on their own preferences relating to the care plan provided.

Residentia strives to satisfy the need of every person in their care and thus satisfy the organization’s goal of fulfilling complete well-being and joy.

Company Contact Details

Board of Directors


Mr. A Meijer –


Dr. D. Saaiman –

Other Board Members

Mr. A.J Kotze –

Mr. N.J Janse van Rensburg –

Mr. D.G Coetzee –

Ds. A.L Pelser –

Head Office


Joe Duvenhage –

Group Manager in Finance

Jan Heystek –

Group Manager in Administration

Willie Engelbrecht –

Group Manager in Care

Ilse Haasbroek –

Human Resources Manager

Dianri Britz –

Group Accountant

Quedine van Aardt –

Payroll Administrator

Liesel Coetzee –

Administrative Assistant

Esmarie Swart –

Residentia currently has around 800 employees that form part of its staff compliment. The industry in which Residentia operates is the Residential Care Facilities. Customer care is predominantly aimed at the elderly.

Residentia can also be contacted by making use of the following communication channels:

By visiting the website at:

Via Email:

By Telephone: +27 (0) 12 341 0416

Posted date: 29th Apr 2022
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