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According to Ohio State Press Books, “advertising plays a prominent role in shaping opinions about everything from products to politics. It uses strategy and messaging to influence a target audience about the benefits of a product.” Advertising can alter how consumers perceive a product and entice them to use your product or service.

Posted date: 23rd Jun 2020

Health and Safety Support

Ensuring OHS in the workplace is an unending challenge and now, with the advent of Covid-19, it requires a thorough understanding of all relevant legislation.

Posted date: 23rd Jun 2020

Covid-19 Workplace Response Plan

South Africans have been living in lockdown since 26 March when President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a Covid-19 state of disaster. This followed in the footsteps of countries worldwide, all hard-hit by the pandemic.

Posted date: 7th Jun 2020

Level 3 Lockdown Compliance to Health and Safety Measures 

Level 3 Lockdown Compliance to Health and Safety Measures As South Africa waits expectantly for lockdown restrictions to be lifted to Level 3, financial analysts warn of a roller-coaster ride that will fluctuate between Levels Five and One through until 2021. But amid this picture of doom and gloom, hope springs eternal in the country’s economic pulse.

Posted date: 2nd Jun 2020
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Advice for Employers and Employees in Covid 19  

The introduction of Level Three’s less stringent restrictions depends on two factors – effectively controlling Covid-19 infection rates and streamlining health facilities to deal with the pandemic. The Minister of Health, Zweli Mkhize, says these pre-requisites have been met. South Africa is gearing itself for a more relaxed Covid-19 Level Three lockdown which will see thousands of more people from qualifying industries returning to work.

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