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Make My Savings Better

How do I use the reward lines in my check calculator, to check my savings on my SafetyWallet dashboard?

Okay, now that you have your current reward status sorted, it's time to play! And that's exactly what this is for, to play around and see what savings you can make. Think of it as a test calculator to see what can happen. Remember though, the calculator only applies to one order; the one you have partially setup to test. This provides an idea of your savings on one particular order; imagine if you place a series of orders, those savings potentially grow and grow! And that's why this section is here!

Let's take this for a spin, shall we? Let's set an imaginary goal and say we want to see what savings we can make if we upgrade our membership to Champion Circle, if we can get our compliance up to Silver and if we can get 15 contractors used who are SafetyWallet members. Now we have a goal, let's change the settings in the calculator and see what savings we would make then:

Now we've adjusted the settings, let's look and compare our savings:

So, if we can achieve our imaginary goals, we can save an additional R41.39 on this order!