How can Employers, Contractors and/or Suppliers obtain their Health and Safety Compliance Certificate?

Leadership plays a crucial role in promoting organisational values as well as behaviours towards the transformation of health and safety performance and overall protection of employees along with service providers, contractors, and members of the public.

Posted date: 24th May 2022
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How to conduct a health and safety audit

Purpose of a Health and Safety Audit A health and safety audit, also referred to as an OHS Audit, serves the purpose of assisting in the consistent and continuous improvement of an organisation’s OHS procedures and OHS programme. When an OHS Audit is conducted, it must: • Identify risks along with the level of risks within the workplace. • Identify any strengths as well as weaknesses in the OHS procedures and OHS programme. • Compare current documentation as well as practices against best practice, legal requirements, and SafetyWallet protocols. • Highlight and recommend any improvements to be made in OHS procedures and the OHS programme. • Ensure that adequate resources are available for effective OHS management, and • Ensure that resources which are devoted to health and safety are effectively implemented and used.

Posted date: 6th May 2022
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