SafetyWallet – Contractor Management – Introduction



As per the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993, the employer is legally bound to provide and maintain, as far as reasonably practicable, a working environment which is safe and without risk to the health and safety of workers.

This means that the workplace must be free of any hazardous substances, articles, equipment, processes, and any other factors which may cause injury, damage, or disease.

As far as Contractor and Supplier management is concerned, it serves the following purposes:

  • To guide as well as manage the health and safety of all contractors, mandatories, suppliers, and any other persons overseen by the company.
  • To provide the structure necessary and required for corrective actions to be implemented successfully where contractors or suppliers may be in a breach of safety standards.
  • To provide an outline for accountability as well as implementation associated with requirements to ensure compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993, and any other relevant legislation.
  • To provide an outline for accountability associated with achieving and maintaining compliance to legislation through the assistance and support of SafetyWallet and other initiatives.
  • To ensure that contractors and suppliers are verified and to aid with implementing requirements in line with Health and Safety Legislation and best practices.


SafetyWallet Overview

The business environment that industries and companies are faced with today is highly demanding and extremely busy. SafetyWallet, in partnership with MAKROSAFE and OHS Online, works to provide its subscribers with the necessary support, and adequate rewards, in the most crucial pillars of Health and Safety in Industry and Commerce. 

These components include:

  • Health and Safety Training
  • Health and Safety Programme
  • Health and Safety Compliance Grading Audit, and
  • Subscriber Advertising

SafetyWallet already has thousands of subscribers right across South Africa and the subscription programme is the focal point to provide employers with assistance despite their industry, company size, or nature of business.

Through this initiative, SafetyWallet helps companies in creating a safer and healthier environment while rewarding them generously in their journey towards full compliance.

SafetyWallet – Contractor Management – Introduction

SafetyWallet Contractor Management and Rewards

One of the areas where SafetyWallet offers support and assistance is with contractor management. In addition, subscribers are rewarded, over and above the rewards programme, as contractor and supplier management are imperative in a robust Health and Safety Programme.

With this, subscribers are rewarded with additional contractor rewards discounts which are based on the number of contractors that the subscriber has in their contractor control register in OHS Online.

Subscribers of SafetyWallet also qualify for additional rewards for their contractors and suppliers who sign up to become subscribers of SafetyWallet. By joining either of the subscription circles, Friend, Family, Champion, or Pinnacle, depending on the size of the company, subscribers qualify for a start-off reward discount of up to 40%.

The additional rewards discount that the subscriber can then qualify for, depending on the number of contractor or suppliers recorded in their contractor control register, are as follows:

  • 5 contractors or suppliers – additional 2.5% rewards discount.
  • 10 contractors or suppliers – additional 5% rewards discount.
  • 15 contractors or suppliers – additional 7.5% rewards discount.
  • 20 contractors or suppliers – additional 10% rewards discount, and
  • 25 contractors or suppliers – additional 12.5% rewards discount.

When considering the maximum discounts on status, compliance, and contractors, subscribers can qualify for the following total discounts based on their subscription circles:

  • Friend Circle – up to 47.5%.
  • Family Circle – up to 52.5%.
  • Champion Circle – up to 57.5%
  • Pinnacle Club – up to 62.5%

Through the SafetyWallet subscription along with the support, assistance, and awards that subscribers can obtain, the aim is to create an integrated culture of compliance which stretches across all industries, with the aim towards a safe and healthy working environment.

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SafetyWallet Subscriber Advertising

SafetyWallet offers its subscribers with Digital Strategies and Support services which have been customized to the clients needs, ensuring that the subscription performs on optimal levels as well as on the SafetyWallet platform.

One of the most imperative things needed for a successful SafetyWallet marketing campaign is flexibility in addition to ensuring that it integrates into the Health and Safety commitment and compliance of the company.

The support team at SafetyWallet is committed to fully understanding that in addition to Health and Safety compliance, that the company is provided with the optimal benefit to obtain business from other SafetyWallet subscribers on the platform as well as the Contractor and Supplier platform.

When subscribing to SafetyWallet, the subscriber will obtain support in the following:

  • Both being listed and visible on the SafetyWallet website as well as the Contractors and Suppliers Portal.
  • SafetyWallet as well as OHS Online Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Keywords.
  • Awareness associated with Contractor and Supplier Compliance as well as Rewards.
  • Email Campaigns pertaining to SafetyWallet Subscribers.
  • The use of metrics to analyse data aimed at improving campaigns.
  • Discount to advertise on the SafetyWallet website as well as subscriber’s portal.
  • Exclusive advertising by using mailshot to all other SafetyWallet Subscribers.
  • The use of SafetyWallet and partners’ logos on the website of the subscriber and the ability to order stationary.
  • Basic reporting as well as analytics, and
  • Referrals and Networking.

How can SafetyWallet help Employers and Contractors’ Health and Safety Compliance?

With SafetyWallet and its partnership with MAKROSAFE and OHS Online, subscribers can ensure that they are a part in creating a safer, healthier, and more compliant working environment. To find out how you can ensure employers’ and contractor Health and Safety, Contact Us.

Posted date: 28th Feb 2021
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