SafetyWallet and Basic First Aid (Previously known as Level 1)

First Aid Training

When viewing First Aid training holistically, it is crucial for employers to ensure that they have enough employees that have been trained as this has become a requirement in most working environments where compliance with Health and Safety regulations is concerned.

There is no definitive guarantee that incidents will not occur in the workplace despite ensuring that the necessary Health and Safety measures are put in place to minimize the chance or likelihood of it happening.

Often these measures are put in place to at least minimize the actual impact should an incident or injury occur. Should injuries occur in the workplace, having a first responder to tend to the situation is imperative.

There are numerous reasons why First Aid E-learning is necessary, some of which includes, but is not limited to:

  • It creates progressive safety.
  • It could help to save a life.
  • It enables primary pain-relieving care.
  • It helps to increase security and peace of mind.
  • It minimizes the chances of infection should an injury occur.
  • It helps to decrease the fear of an incident or accident occurring, and more.

Posted date: 13th Jul 2020