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This section contains helpfiles that explain the print setup of the Risk Assessment in OHS Online

Printing a Risk Assessment

I see I need to setup my print before I can print my risk assessment in OHS Online. Why is this?

Yes, that's correct! When you click on the 'Print' button, OHS online takes you to the Report Criteria page. Although the print setup may look complicated, it's not really. It's designed to allow you to print the whole risk assessment or parts of the risk assessment, depending on what your requirements might be. If you wish to get your risk assessment approved and signed off, then you'l View Full Answer

    Printing a Risk Assessment

    Problems Printing a Risk Assessment

    Printing a Risk Assessment

    When I print my Task Inventory of my risk assessment from OHS Online to PDF, the tasks don’t show any colour. What has happened?

    Yes, that can happen sometimes! Don't worry though, it's simply a setting in the print setup, which probably hasn't been checked. Let's take a look your print setup again and see what could be wrong: If you look closer at the 'Options' setting, you can see one of the check boxes, 'Background graphics' is unchecked. This is the setting View Full Answer