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What do the three values, 0.70, 0.20 and 0.10 mean in the SafetyWallet health and safety audit report?

Another good question! Each type of legislation is weighted differently, based on its importance. Acts are the driving legislation so they have the highest importance (and greatest consequences) so they represent 0.70 of your compliance score. Regulations have a 0.20 weighting and Standards and Bylaws a 0.10 weighting.The weighting now ties back to the bar graphs. Now when you look at t View Full Answer


    In the SafetyWallet health and safety audit report, the bar graphs have two colours; red and green. What do these mean?

    Sure, happy to do so! As the graphs show, green means compliance and red means risk. The greener your graphs are the more compliant you are to health and safety legislation. The redder your graphs are the greater risk your business is exposed to, with regards to health and safety legislation. So, remember, 'GREEN is GREAT and RED is RISKY!' View Full Answer


      I see there’s another list in the SafetyWallet health and safety audit report. What does this one mean?

      Don't get concerned! This list is simply showing you what legislation is not applicable to your workplace. It's there as reference between audit cycles which creates a form of transparency. We don't know what will happen in your business, you may expand operations or move premises, which results in legislation previously not applicable to now being applicable: Show View Full Answer