4 Packaging’s Health and Safety Programme is paying for itself with SafetyWallet

4 Packaging Africa is a member of the SafetyWallet health and safety membership and rewards programme.

The current health and safety return on investment (ROI) for the organisation as per the ROI SafetyWallet Calculator is 215.90%.

Since the last audit conducted, 4 Packaging Africa has shown great improvement in its health and safety compliance with the benefit of seeing a great reduction in costs while implementing and maintaining the health and safety programme.

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Health and Safety Compliance is part of Mapule Damane’s responsibility with 4 Packaging. Mapule responded to the following questions pertaining to SafetyWallet and Health and Safety Compliance.

  • What does SafetyWallet mean to 4 Packaging Africa?

SafetyWallet has provided 4 Packaging Africa with the necessary knowledge, support, and assistance to improve health and safety in addition to improving the ease with which all relevant files can be stored and retrieved.

  • What has SafetyWallet done for 4 Packaging Africa from a support point of view in the last six months?

SafetyWallet has greatly assisted in risk assessments conducted to identify hazards and risks associated with the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure that the relevant measures, controls, precautions, and protocols could be implemented to ensure a safe return to work.

4 Packaging Africa has had access to e-learning training aimed at managing infectious diseases in the workplace, specifically pertaining to Covid-19 in preparation for the safe return of all staff to the workplace.

  • Why did 4 Packaging Africa become a member of SafetyWallet?

4 Packaging Africa became a member of the SafetyWallet membership and rewards programme to obtain support and assistance on the journey to ensure full health and safety compliance.

In addition, becoming a member also meant that 4 Packaging Africa could gain access to cost-effective Health and Safety solutions in addition to solutions associated with the ease of access where safety files are concerned.

  • Where does 4 Packaging Africa see its health and safety programme in the next twelve months?

4 Packaging Africa is wholly committed to achieving the highest level of health and safety compliance within the next twelve months through the continued support and assistance of SafetyWallet in its partnership with MAKROSAFE.

  • How has SafetyWallet saved 4 Packaging Africa with the implementation of the health and safety programme?

Due to the continued support and assistance from SafetyWallet and its partner, MAKROSAFE, 4 Packaging Africa has not only saved a great amount of costs, but also a substantial amount of time and effort in its health and safety programme.

  • How much effort has 4 Packaging Africa saved through the support provided by SafetyWallet?

There has been a substantial amount of both time and effort saved by the support and assistance received from both SafetyWallet and MAKROSAFE during the implementation and maintenance of the health and safety programme.

  • What is the importance of having both internal stakeholders and SafetyWallet stakeholders working together in building a health and safety success story?

Internal stakeholders of 4 Packaging Africa have gained a substantial amount of valuable knowledge and experience through the partnership between them and the SafetyWallet stakeholders.

  • What savings has SafetyWallet offered its members with regards to compliance audits, free e-learning, and discounts based on membership types?

The savings that 4 Packaging Africa has received in addition to the rewards discounts determined by the membership types has been substantial. The free e-learning training provided has further added greatly to the savings that 4 Packaging Africa has made.

  • What has 4 Packaging Africa’s success rate been in implementing a health and safety programme with the assistance and support of SafetyWallet?

The quality of service provided by SafetyWallet has made it possible for the successful implementation of the health and safety programme and the journey to become fully compliant.

The support system that SafetyWallet has put in place is excellent in ensuring that members have what they need to become more compliant.

  • What is the importance of health and safety for 4 Packaging Africa employees and stakeholders?

The health and safety of employees is a top priority for 4 Packaging Africa.

  • What is the importance of having swift response from both internal and external parties such as SafetyWallet representatives for the health and safety programme?

The swift responses receive could be what saves a life due to the level of compliance with health and safety practices in the workplace.

  • What is the importance of having a cost-effective solution for the health and safety needs that 4 Packaging Africa may have?

The cost-effective solutions that are provided by SafetyWallet allows 4 Packaging Africa to implement a health and safety programme without compromising the lives of employees.

SafetyWallet Overview

The business environment of the modern day is busy and demanding with employers trying to stay on par, or one step ahead in ensuring the health and safety of employees in addition to building successful businesses.

It is often hard to achieve both key points but with the help of SafetyWallet, in partnership with MAKROSAFE and OHS Online, employers who become SafetyWallet members can effortlessly achieve both.

SafetyWallet, MAKROSAFE, and OHS Online work to support and reward employers in the following four components of health and safety in Industry and Commerce:

  • Health and Safety Training
  • Health and Safety Programme
  • Health and Safety Compliance Grading Audit, and
  • Member Advertising.

SafetyWallet has become a key player in the industry towards providing employers and members with support and assistance in health and safety compliance in a wide variety of industries across South Africa.

SafetyWallet members are supported every step of the way in helping the various industries and commerce move towards, and create, a safer and healthier working environment.

SafetyWallet members are greatly rewarded from the inception of their membership according to the membership circle that they join. These rewards range from a 15% to a 40% rewards discount.

In addition to the membership rewards discounts, members can obtain a further reward discount of between 2.5% and 12.5% according to the number of contractors and/or suppliers in their OHS Online contractor control register.

All SafetyWallet members are subjected to a Safety Compliance Grading Audit which helps members understand the level of compliance that they currently hold and helps to pave the way forward for improvement in health and safety compliance.

Should members obtain compliance above 89%, there are additional reward discounts awarded of between 5% and 10%.

The additional 10% reward discount that members can obtain is important as it has a substantial impact on the members’ total ROI pertaining to the member’s health and safety programme.

Members that maintain their health and safety compliance above 89% will be presented with a grading certificate which can be displayed in the reception area of the organisation.

Members also receive a compliance badge which can be displayed on stationary and the member’s website. The SafetyWallet compliance grading is subjected to the percentage of compliance and there are three levels with corresponding badges, namely:

  • Bronze Compliance – between 89% to 92%
  • Silver Compliance – between 93% to 96%, and
  • Gold Compliance – above 97%

If you have any questions about the Health and Safety Solutions we have to offer, please feel free to Contact Us.



4 Packaging Africa Overview

4 Packaging Africa was established in 2000 as the first fully automated gravure printing form production line.

It was the first of its kind in the industry installed in the organization and until today, it is the only manufacturer which can produce large quantities of directly lasered copper cylinders.

4 Packaging Africa has the relevant machines and equipment capable of cylinder production in most modern designs. From artwork and reproduction thereof to the production of gravure and embossing forms, 4 Packaging Africa prides itself as an industry leader.

Clients have the option of choosing between individual services or an overall all-encompassing package with the benefit that 4 Packaging Africa will implement it from project start to finish.

4 Packaging Africa provides products and services of the highest quality and are dedicated to the optimization of the interest, needs, and demands of its clients. All employees have been well-trained in all relevant areas of prepress, and all other areas of operations.

Clients can expect to benefit greatly from 4 Packaging Africa and its expertise along with the ability of automation of processes, multi-level quality assurance mechanisms and standardizations which are reliable.

To ensure that clients receive the highest level of quality, 4 Packaging Africa rely only on the highest standards and unified processes as certified by DEKRA in accordance with DIN ISO 9001.

Clients can be assured that they are supported from the technical implementation of their approved packaging designs through to the production of gravure as well as embossing forms.

4 Packaging Africa is one of the top leaders in the industry and client satisfaction is of utmost importance. The focus is on the continuous drive to maintain continuous business relations which are based on high-quality products and optimal services.

Company and Contact Details

4 Packaging Africa currently has 50 employees that form its staff compliment and the South African branch can be contacted in the following ways:

This article was published in partnership with SafetyWallet.


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Posted date: 3rd May 2022
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