7 Reasons Why Health and Safety E-Learning Training is Important


The provision of relevant information and training in any organization is imperative to ensure Health and Safety Compliance throughout the entire structure. Every employee must know how to work safely and without risk to themselves, their health, and that of others.

This is not only applicable to the employees of the organization but applies to contractors and self-employed persons entering the workplace as well. Employees must receive clear and concise instructions and information along with adequate training.

When providing training, organizations need to keep in mind training needs such as newly employed persons, employees changing positions or taking on more responsibilities, and more.

When considering E-Learning training versus that of traditional training, it is quite clear that E-Learning is one of the most effective ways through which employees can be trained as it holds numerous benefits for both the organization and the employees.

Such benefits include:

  1. It is cost-effective.
  2. It reduces the learning time.
  3. Information is retained more effectively.
  4. It is accessible.
  5. Employees have consistent access to key resources.
  6. It guarantees a risk-free environment and simulation to test training.
  7. It allows for collaboration.
  8. It provides employees with more flexibility.
  9. It promotes scalability.
  10. It provides timely feedback needed to evaluate results, identify gaps, and act on it promptly to rectify shortcomings.
  11. Ensures consistency and standardization.
  12. Reduces environmental impact, saves on resources uses, and more.