Carmat is rewarded with massive savings on their Health and Safety Programme with SafetyWallet.

Carmat Health and Safety Return on Investment (ROI) Details

JLCD Trading t/a Carmat is a Health and Safety subscriber of SafetyWallet and through the support and rewards provided, Carmat has a current ROI of 71.2% according to the ROI SafetyWallet Calculator.

As a subscriber of SafetyWallet, from a rewards point of view in the last twelve months, Carmat has made a total savings in their Health and Safety Programme of around R13,356.

In addition, by being a SafetyWallet subscriber, Carmat can comply with health and safety requirements and has subsequently reduced the health and safety risk of unsafe practices in the workplace.

There is currently one employee allocated to the Carmat health and safety programme. The appointed person currently spends between one or two days a week in training with SafetyWallet partner MAKROSAFE to complete a part qualification in health and safety and contractor management.

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We asked Johan Coetzee, General Manager of Carmat a few questions pertaining to SafetyWallet and Carmat Health and Safety Programme.

What does SafetyWallet mean to Carmat?

In becoming, and being, an active subscriber of the SafetyWallet subscription programme, Carmat has been placed on sure footing as far as health and safety compliance is concerned.

It has resulted in peace of mind that all Carmat staff are working according to the highest level of health and safety standards and that work-related incidents have been reduced.

What has SafetyWallet done for Carmat from a support point of view in the last six months?

In the past six months, Carmat was able to assess and mitigate risks along with any shortcomings with regards to health and safety, and to achieve health and safety goals that had been set out.

SafetyWallet, in partnership with MAKROSAFE, has provided Carmat with the necessary information, document templates, and advice pertaining to the national lockdown imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, SafetyWallet has helped Carmat and its team prepare to return to work and subsequently ensured that both staff, contractors and visitors to the premises are duly informed and adequately protected as far as practicably possible.

Where does Carmat see its health and safety programme going in the next twelve months?

Carmat intends to continue progress towards full compliance with all health and safety standards and regulations thereby increasing the rewards received from SafetyWallet.

Focus is also on increasing productivity as well as staff welfare through the continuous monitoring and implementation of further measures through the health and safety programme.

SafetyWallet Overview

SafetyWallet offers South African employers a subscription programme which, through the provision of health and safety support and various rewards, encourages them to become more compliant in all health and safety rules and regulations.

In addition to rewarding employers on various levels from membership inception, SafetyWallet, offers dedicated support and assistance through various channels of SafetyWallet partners.

The support and rewards provided is centred on the four main components of Health and Safety in Industry and Commerce, namely:

  • Health and Safety Training
  • Health and Safety Programme
  • Health and Safety Compliance Grading Audit, and
  • Member Advertising

SafetyWallet, offers subscribers a dedicated support officer and auditor where health and safety support is concerned along with use of the OHS Online Health and Safety cloud based management system.

The health and safety programme can either be self-directed by the SafetyWallet member, or members can receive health and safety services which have been outsourced.

The rewards that SafetyWallet provides its members starts upon joining. The monthly membership fee is based on the number of employees and ensures that the member receives the maximum annual ROI.

Depending on the membership circle joined, members can qualify for rewards as per the following:

  • Mini Circle with 1 to 10 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 15% and an audit discount reward of 15%.
  • Care Circle with 11 to 20 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 20% and an audit discount reward of 20%.
  • Friend Circle with 21 to 50 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 25% and an audit discount reward of 25%.
  • Family Circle with 51 to 100 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 30% with an audit discount reward of 30%.
  • Champion Circle with 101 to 300 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 35% with an audit discount reward of 35%.
  • Pinnacle Club with more than 300 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 40% with an audit discount reward of 40%.

As members increase their health and safety compliance, they are rewarded with additional rewards discounts once compliance of, and above 89% is achieved.

These additional compliance discounts are as follows:

  • Compliance of between 89% to 92% – an additional 5% compliance reward discount.
  • Compliance of between 93% to 96% – an additional 7.5% compliance reward discount.
  • Compliance above 97% – an additional 10% compliance reward discount.

Members who have contractors or suppliers in their contract control register on OHS Online can obtain even further rewards discounts according to the number of contractors and suppliers. Members can obtain discounts between 2.5% and up to 12.5% through this.

The health and safety compliance grading audit is an integral part of the process for the following reasons:

  • It involves an in-depth examination of the entire health and safety management system of the member
  • It focuses on the main aspects of occupational health and safety management in the workplace
  • It offers members a structured path for continuous improvement and best practice status
  • It assesses the effectiveness of the implementation of arrangements against relevant regulations.
  • It highlights the strengths and areas for improvement.
  • The audit report provides valuable insights, observations, and recommendations along with action planning.
  • It provides the member with a clear understanding of their current compliance and the way forward to increase their compliance.

The audit result plays an integral role in the rewards that the SafetyWallet member will receive in addition to the standard member circle reward, and the contractor discount rewards.

The additional 10% that the member can obtain will impact the total ROI significantly.

If you have any questions about the Health and Safety Solutions we have to offer, please feel free to Contact Us.


Carmat Overview

About the Company

Carmat is a family-owned business that was established in 1990. The purpose behind the establishment of the business is for the manufacturing of fitted car mats specifically to the Automotive Industry.

Operations are based in Westmead, Durban and centred around the supply of fitted overlay mats which are distributed to local brands. Carmat offers its clients everything from bespoke manufactured mats to large volume production of car mats by the thousands.

Carmat strives to despatch its products within 5 working days from the placement of orders and Carmat has thus built a reputation for excellent service delivery.

Carmat also has built a substantial reputation in product durability which is centred around the selection of only the finest, most appropriate raw materials from trusted and reputable suppliers.

Carmat strictly adheres to all relevant quality systems based on ISO 9001/2000 to ensure that all rules and regulations are duly followed and that Carmat meets the industry requirements throughout operations.

To stay ahead of competitors, the Carmat research and development team is continuously and consistently focused on new innovations.

Carmat considers its suppliers as partners and in maintaining a global perspective, the organisation can enjoy some of the most competitive and innovative material selections from Europe, Asia, and South Africa.

About the Products

Carmat’s products are all sourced in a roll-form where it is cut to shape by making use of state-of-the-art CNC cutting technology. By making use of such advanced technology, Carmat can programme individual mat designs as well as mass production designs.

This allows Carmat to run its operations and quality provision of car mats on both a consistent and repeatable basis as templates are stored electronically, enabling Carmat to access templates for both current and past models.

The tailored mats which are manufactured by Carmat are personalized with embroidering logos, edge bindings, and all other details as per customer specification, style, or over-locked should the client prefer such.

Carmat is also within the capacity to supply clients with rubber mat types along with a wide range of promotional materials and accessories. These are sourced from suppliers outside of the normal framework and manufactured on site should there be special requests made.

Products Range

The main components in Carmat’s product specification include:

  • Heavy Velour Carpets made from rubber, foam, magic back or nip backed is an upper-end product that comes with a 3-year/100,000-kilometre guarantee.
  • Smooth Velour Carpets are made from crumb, foam, or magic back which is an upper- to mid-range product which comes with a 2-year/60,000-kilometre guarantee.
  • Heavy Ribbed Carpets which are made from crumb back and are a mid-range/heavy-duty product with a 3-year/100,000-kilometre guarantee, and
  • Medium ribbed products with a grid back which is a mid-to the lower-range carpet with a 1-year/30,000-kilometre guarantee.

Clients have the option of selecting from a range of backing types.

In addition, Carmat offers the following products:

  • Promotional goods
  • Leather service book wallets
  • Breakdown kits
  • Embroidery
  • USB keyrings
  • PVC licence disc holders
  • Number plate carriers for vehicles
  • Bin mats
  • Universal mats
  • Entrance doorway mats
  • Non-slip boot mats, and
  • Seat covers.

Company and Contact Details

Carmat forms part of the Manufacturing Industry and serves clients such as Hyundai South Africa, Kia South Africa, and Mitsubishi.

There are currently 51 employees that make up the Carmat Staff Compliment.

Senior Management members for Carmat include:

  • Johan Coetzee, General Manager, and
  • Wynand Hoffman, Financial Director.

Carmat can be contacted in the following ways:

Final Thoughts

As a dedicated SafetyWallet member, not only has Carmat had substantial savings through the discount rewards offered, but health and safety compliance has improved drastically and continues to do so through the maintenance of the health and safety programme.

SafetyWallet offers cost-effective solutions to its members in addition to rewarding members on their journey to becoming more compliant in all health and safety rules and regulations and providing a workplace that has reduced hazards and risks.

Posted date: 3rd May 2022
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