OHS Amendment Bill 2020 and Health and Safety Management Systems

A Safety Management System consists of a series of policies, procedures and standards that are used by organisations to reduce accidents, injuries, and illnesses in the workplace and among employees.

Health and Safety Management Systems which are effective are proven to be a decisive factor in the reduction of the extent and severity of work-related injuries as well as illnesses.

Through the successful adoption of a Safety Management System, there is a high level of commitment from both management and employees, with an adequate number of resources put towards the design and implementation of such a system.

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Health and Safety Management System and the OHS Amendment Bill 2020

Previously known as the Health and Safety Policy, the OHS Amendment Bill 2020 involves the following factors listed below.

The Chief Inspector may direct an employer in writing as well as any category of employers by a notice in the Gazette, to prepare a written policy associated with the protection of health and safety of employees. This may include a description of the organisation as well as arrangements involved with implementation and review of this specific policy.

In addition, any direction under subsection (1) of the Amendment Bill 2020 (Section 7) must be accompanied by guidelines associated with the contents of the policy concerned.

Employers must display a copy of the policy referred to in subsection (1) of the Amendment Bill 2020 (Section 7), which has been signed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), in the workplace where employees typically report for his or her duties.

In addition to these, it is important to note that the Chief Inspector may also direct an employer, or a group of employers, in writing to develop as well as implement a health and safety management system.

Any directive, as indicated under subsection (1) must be accompanied by guidelines associated with the contents of the health and safety management system concerned.


How does SafetyWallet support its subscribers with regards to Safety Management Systems?

SafetyWallet realises that the success of any employer’s health and safety programme will rely heavily on health and safety training. SafetyWallet and its strategic partners provides its subscribers with the highest quality in health and safety training in the form of formal training as well as E-Learning training.

The Health and Safety Programme and Management System works to minimise incidents and injuries, protecting employers as well as their employees against any criminal and civil liability.

Through the strategic partnerships that SafetyWallet has formed, subscribers are provided with the best platform to manage their Health and Safety Programmes and Systems. In addition, subscribers are not left to their own devices but have the full on-site support where the implementation and maintenance of the Health and Safety Programme and System is Concerned.

With SafetyWallet, subscribers can expect the following:

  • Health and Safety Support from dedicated OHS Professional
  • Monthly Newsletter.
  • Weekly Legislative Updates.
  • COVID-19 Compliance.
  • OHS Online Health and Safety Management System.
  • Department of Employment and Labour (DoEL) Enquiries.
  • Assistance DoEL Incident Investigation (OHS Act Section 24 Investigation).
  • Injuries on Duty Management, and more.

Managing your Risk Controls

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Posted date: 4th Jul 2021
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