Transaction Capital Recoveries’ commitment to Health and Safety through their Safetywallet Subscription, yields a great Return on Investment

Transaction Capital Recoveries ROI Details and Road Map

The Return on Investment is an important consideration for any company, to ensure the returns yielded on Health and Safety are satisfactory as well as to ensure that they add value to the company. This has been the case for Transaction Capital Recoveries and the investment they have made with Safetywallet, in yielding great returns and levels of Health and Safety compliance, to ensure safety in the workplace for all.

According to the SafetyWallet calculator, Transaction Capital Recoveries in Hyde Park has an ROI that is currently standing at 458% with high levels of compliance to Health and Safety Legislation which have been consistently maintained at this level.

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Transaction Capital Recoveries in Hyde Park has recently had a Covid-19 and an annual grading audit and their unwavering commitment toward health and safety since becoming a SafetyWallet member has been commendable.

Transaction Capital ROI with Safetywallet

In an interview with Ben Abeln, General Manager for Facilities and Logistics at Transaction Capital Recoveries, questions regarding the goal setting, commitment and the value that Safetywallet adds to their organizations’ Health and Safety Program, were explored.

What does SafetyWallet mean to Transaction Capital Recoveries?

There is a structured approach that ensures compliance along with the peace of mind that Transaction Capital Recoveries are not only implementing but maintaining a relevant and applicable system to achieve compliance.


What has SafetyWallet done for Transaction Capital Recoveries from a support point of view in the last six months?

Transaction Capital Recoveries has achieved a monitored compliance level. This is centered around three audit areas that are easily reportable and trackable. In addition, SafetyWallet has provided guidance in managing Covid-19 and the strict health and safety protocols surrounding this.


How has Transaction Capital Recoveries benefitted from SafetyWallet’s rewards and savings in the past twelve months?

There were substantially fewer costs involved with the implementation and maintenance of an effective and relevant Occupational Health and Safety system.


What is the outlook for the Transaction Capital Recoveries health and safety program for the next twelve months?

The OHS program which has been implemented will remain a priority in operations. Adjustments will be made to new ways in which operations are performed to incorporate protocols surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.

These adjustments will be incorporated into the OHS program going forward to ensure a continued healthy and safe workplace.


Why did Transaction Capital Recoveries become a SafetyWallet member?

To manage a structured, effective, and relevant OHS program with the provided specialist support in a way that is both rewarding and cost-effective.


How has SafetyWallet saved Transaction Capital Recoveries costs with the implementation of the health and safety program?

An external audit that had been done showed a result of 98% and this was achieved through using SafetyWallet.


How did SafetyWallet save Transaction Capital Recoveries effort through support that was offered?

There have been substantial savings achieved through the on-point and concise guidance provided by SafetyWallet Representatives and the Support team.


What importance does it hold to have both internal stakeholders, as well as SafetyWallet Stakeholders, work together in building a health and safety success story?

Internal and external collaboration has been the cornerstone associated with the successful implementation and management of an effective OHS program.


Which savings does SafetyWallet offer Transaction Capital Recoveries in terms of compliance audits, free e-learning, and discounts based on membership type?

The savings are not only attractive, but it provides a platform that increased the full utilization of the entire program and not only sections thereof.

What success has Transaction Capital Recoveries experienced in the health and safety program with the help of SafetyWallet and the internal team?

It was possible to implement the health and safety program quickly through SafetyWallet’s specialist support and guidance.


What is the importance of health and safety for employees as well as stakeholders?

OHS is imperative in the workplace as it ensures the well-being of employees as highly valued assets of the company.


What is the importance of having a swift response from both internal and external parties such as SafetyWallet representatives for the health and safety program?

Staff health and safety considerations are crucial along with providing a safe and secure workplace. There must be decisive actions to ensure that staff members are safe and protected.

Receiving specialist support from SafetyWallet allows for such quick and decisive actions to be taken seamlessly.


What is the importance of having a cost-effective solution for the health and safety needs of Transaction Capital Recoveries?

The time and resources that it requires to implement an OHS program are cost-intensive and managing a cost-effective system, will ensure a higher level of participation. Subsequently, a higher level of participation ensures a safer workplace for staff.


With strict health and safety rules and regulations along with legal requirements in South Africa, companies are now offered an all-encompassing service and offers which not only aids them in becoming fully compliant but rewards them for doing so.

SafetyWallet, in partnership with OHSOnline and MAKROSAFE, provides companies and businesses with a rewarding and cost-effective solution so that not only workplace health and safety can improve, but substantial costs can be saved, and the ROI can be improved.

The membership program offered by SafetyWallet rewards businesses from the point of joining up until the highest level of compliance is obtained.

SafetyWallet supports and rewards employees in the following four components of Health and Safety in Industry and Commerce:

  • Health and Safety Training
  • Health and Safety Programme
  • Health and Safety Compliance Grading Audit, and
  • Member Advertising

SafetyWallet and MAKROSAFE provide members with the highest quality health and safety training in the form of formal training as well as e-learning training.

This training is aligned with the unit standards along with the curriculum online by SAQA and there is subsequent accreditation endorsed with DoEL, QCTO, HWSeta, and SAIOSH.

The Health and Safety Programme offered by SafetyWallet can either be directed by the member, or services can be outsourced to health and safety services.

The Compliance Grading Audit provides businesses and subsequent members with their current percentage compliance, which will earn the member a reward depending on the level of compliance, and it serves as a benchmark for improvement.

Businesses and companies can start saving and they receive a great number of rewards when making use of SafetyWallet’s services and solutions. The first rewards are obtained based on the membership circle which is determined by the number of employees:

  • Mini Circle with 1 to 10 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 15% and an audit discount reward of 15%.
  • Care Circle with 11 to 20 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 20% and an audit discount reward of 20%.
  • Friend Circle with 21 to 50 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 25% and an audit discount reward of 25%.
  • Family Circle with 51 to 100 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 30% with an audit discount reward of 30%.
  • Champion Circle with 101 to 300 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 35% with an audit discount reward of 35%.
  • Pinnacle Club with more than 300 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 40% with an audit discount reward of 40%.

The SafetyWallet membership is dependent on a monthly fee which is based on the number of employees and the membership circle that the member forms a part of. These fees are worked out in such a way that the employer receives the maximum annual ROI.

If you have any questions about the Health and Safety Solutions we have to offer, please feel free to Contact Us.



Transaction Capital Recoveries Overview


As a proudly South African company and leading independent provider of credit management solutions, Transaction Capital Recoveries has clients in both the private and public sectors and has a substantial number of portfolios of accounts receivables.

Transaction Capital Recoveries is focused on the collection of accounts receivables which encompasses the whole credit cycle. This is done by making use of both call centre-based and legal collections.

Transaction Capital Recoveries is provided with ancillary services by credit providers pertaining to the following:

  • Administration
  • Back-up service provider
  • Consultation
  • Data analysis, and
  • Software.

Employees are at the heart of operations and Transaction Capital Recoveries is committed to the recruitment, development and retention of personnel considered high caliber.

The superior services that Transaction Capital Recoveries offers its clients include:

  • Systems and technology which is world-class.
  • Consumer databases that are unrivaled.
  • Conducting leading credit and risk analysis.
  • Regulatory compliance which is uncompromising along with internal audits and quality assurance.
  • An unwavering commitment toward industry research, technology, and best practices.
  • A substantial investment into both skills development and employee benefits.
  • State-of-the-art back-up along with processes associated with disaster recovery, and
  • Highly competent employees.

Transaction Capital Recoveries has a first-rate proven track record in providing solutions that are customised, pioneered, and innovative with a future that is assured through:

  • The continuous provision of superior performance.
  • The maintenance of the highest level of both ethics and integrity.
  • A clear understanding of the needs of clients and provision of relevant and appropriate tailored solutions, and
  • Full compliance with all laws as well as regulations.

Company Details

The directors and executives of Transaction Capital Recoveries are not only highly qualified, but each plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the business.

The Transaction Capital Recoveries committee members are selected in such a way that there is always a diverse representation of age, gender, and ethnic diversity.

Transaction Capital Recoveries has a staff complement that consists of more than 2,500 staff members and the business forms part of the Financial Services Industry.

Products and Services

Contact Details

Clients can contact Transaction Capital Recoveries by making use of the Self-Service portal on the website at, or through the following avenues:

Head Office Switchboard - +27 (0) 11 560 6000

Customer Care Telephone - +27 (0) 11 560 4705

Customer Care Fax Line - +27 (0) 11 560 6599, or


Posted date: 29th Apr 2022
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