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What Can I Expect from SafetyWallet?


What can I expect from my SafetyWallet membership?

So, what can you expect from your SafetyWallet membership? Well, being a SafetyWallet member entitles you to a whole host of great benefits. Most of all, you are continually rewarded for your commitment to health and safety and making your workplace a safer and healthier place. On top of this, you have access to the following important benefits:1/. Membe View Full Answer

Membership Plans in SafetyWallet


What are the different options or plans available in SafetyWallet and how do these work?

There are four main plans available on SafetyWallet, catering for your specific budget and needs. All the plans offer an immediate 80% discount on your first health and safety audit, which means by simply joining SafetyWallet, you automatically start to make savings! The different plans include:Friend Circle - This is the entry level plan which costs R650-00 per month and rewards you wi View Full Answer


Thanks for making that clearer! Would I be able to have different membership plans for different branches?

Of course! That's not a problem at all. Maybe you want to have the main branch on a higher-level member ship plan and have the other two branches on the basic membership plan. The main branch would then be billed according to the higher-level membership plan and the two other branches billed according to the basic membership plan. Of course, remember that their discounts would then be based on wha View Full Answer

Rewards in SafetyWallet


Hmm...80% off my first compliance audit! What?

A good question! Nobody gives you pricing with 80% off! If it's that low, there must be a catch to it, right? WRONG! Health and Safety Compliance audits are a really important aspect of your health and safety! They determine where you stand in health and safety. When you know this, you can begin to take action and put things into place to fix things!At SafetyWallet, we u View Full Answer


My business has three branches. If I join SafetyWallet, does the membership plan I choose cover all three branches?

You've asked a very important question! The answer is, 'No, it doesn't'. Each branch (business premise) would have to have its own membership plan, even if these membership plans are the same. So, if you wished to cover your entire business, with a Family membership plan, you would have three separate Family membership plans; one for each branch or premise. This means there would be thr View Full Answer


How does my Membership Reward work in SafetyWallet?

A great question! The Membership Reward is the basic reward component of SafetyWallet and is awarded to you, the member, for showing your commitment to health and safety. The reward is determined by your membership plan; the higher the plan you are on, the greater the rewards you obtain as a member. The Membership Rewards are:Friend Circle - this rewards the member View Full Answer


Okay, thanks. Why can't a membership plan cover all three branches when I join SafetyWallet

The answer to this is very simple; because of your audit! A health and safety audit is only relevant to the premises at which it is conducted. Even when the operations are the same but are conducted at different premises, the premises themselves will be different and so, need to be audited individually. Factors, such as legislation, may be applicable to one premise (and its operations) View Full Answer


Why does the Membership Reward only activate after I've had my audit conducted?

Yes, this might seem strange that way but the system doesn't allow it. If you've not had an audit performed, you have no information about where your compliance to health and safety legislation stands and so you have no information (findings) about what's wrong, so how can you (or us for that matter) know what needs to be fixed! If you don't have findings to fix there's no reason to provide a rewa View Full Answer


How does my Compliance Reward work in SafetyWallet?

Another great question! The Compliance Reward is an additional reward incentive in SafetyWallet which rewards you, the member, based on your compliance rating. Your compliance rating is obtained from the outcome of your health and safety audit. So, you are rewarded according to how compliant you are to health and safety legislation. The more compliant you are, the View Full Answer


How does my Contractor Reward work in SafetyWallet?

A very important question! The Contractor Reward is an additional reward incentive in SafetyWallet which rewards you, the member, for using contractors who are or who become SafetyWallet members themselves.Being a member of SafetyWallet places you in an elite category; one where employers show their commitment to health and safety. We want to reward you for this; h View Full Answer