Health and Safety Training and E-Learning

Health and safety E-learnig

SafetyWallet is a programme that has been designed to encourage and reward employers who achieve compliance with all aspects of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act. These include compliance with all other relevant legislation and regulations, as well as municipal by-laws about workplace safety.

Industry leaders will be hard at work to restart businesses that have been idle after weeks in lockdown inactivity. Caring for OHS Act requirements will now demand more time and dedication than ever before - two requirements that employers may have in short supply as they concentrate their energies on restarting their businesses. However, with SafetyWallet’s Health and Safety Training programme, employees are provided with the knowledge and the skills to perform their duties effectively.

Training is one of the main thrusts of achieving OHS compliance. In an ever-changing world of health and safety demands, SafetyWallet supports and rewards its members with E-Learning short courses and qualifications or with formal classroom-based health and safety training. Here we discuss some of the subjects addressed by SafetyWallet.


Dedicated Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)