Health and Safety Training and E-Learning

SafetyWallet is a programme that has been designed to encourage and reward employers who achieve compliance with all aspects of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act. These include compliance with all other relevant legislation and regulations, as well as municipal by-laws about workplace safety.

Industry leaders will be hard at work to restart businesses that have been idle after weeks in lockdown inactivity. Caring for OHS Act requirements will now demand more time and dedication than ever before - two requirements that employers may have in short supply as they concentrate their energies on restarting their businesses. However, with SafetyWallet’s Health and Safety Training programme, employees are provided with the knowledge and the skills to perform their duties effectively.

Training is one of the main thrusts of achieving OHS compliance. In an ever-changing world of health and safety demands, SafetyWallet supports and rewards its members with E-Learning short courses and qualifications or with formal classroom-based health and safety training. Here we discuss some of the subjects addressed by SafetyWallet.


Dedicated Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)

E-based Training Facilitator

SafetyWallet offers its members a dedicated Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) to ensure that members derive maximum benefits from the Health and Safety Training programme.

This E-based training programme is overseen by an SDF who:

  1. Assists employees to work together productively
  2. Creates an understanding of common objectives
  3. Activates a plan of action to achieve objectives
  4. Guides and controls group processes
  5. Ensures that actions and outcomes are recorded and appropriately handled.



The SafetyWallet E-learning programme offers free and unlimited training with more than 36 training courses. What’s more, SafetyWallet offers its members discount rewards on all E-Learning accredited training and Learnerships. This online education programme is efficient, convenient and flexible as the E-learning module can be accessed at any time and from any location. Furthermore, E-learning maximises knowledge retention because employees are provided with various interactive types of content and multimedia. This stimulates knowledge retention and skills improvement.

The Health and Safety E-learning courses help to prevent injuries, diseases and deaths while creating awareness of OHS necessities. Powered by OHS Online, it offers internationally-recognised health and safety training courses.


E-learning Proramme

OHS Online Cloud-Based Management System

SafetyWallet’s OHS online system enables effective health and safety management through customised cloud-based software. It fast-tracks OHS compliance, simplifies processes and improves overall health and safety in the working environment. This cloud-based system has been streamlined to serve all industries:

  • Metal and engineering
  • Professional services
  • Hospitality trade
  • Education
  • Food, drinks and tobacco
  • Wood and upholstery
  • Chemical, rubber, oil and paint
  • Security
  • Trade and commerce
  • Banking and insurance
  • Aviation
  • Road transport hauliers
  • Entertainment and sport
  • Printing and Paper
  • Charitable, religious, political and trade
  • Glass, brick, tiles and concrete

The management system enables industries to conduct customised in-house inspections and access critical documents, employee training records and equipment maintenance history. It also provides a powerful insight into workplace operations by transforming OHS data into visual maps, charts and tables.

Incident Reporting is critical to any safety management system. This SafetyWallet cloud-based system helps employers to focus on prevention rather than individual blame. It provides root-cause analysis.

Risk Profiles

Four elements build a company’s risk profile. These are:

Hazard Identification – establishing the cause

Risk Assessment – understanding the consequences

Control – eliminating the hazards and implementing more effective control measures

Review – ensuring that outcomes achieve the desired result


Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)

SafetyWallet’s Workplace Skills Plan helps employers to address workplace development and training needs. This helps to solve skills gaps that may exist within the organisation. It also helps to identify the amount of funding that will be needed to meet these needs. Workplace skills require good work ethics, problem-solving, time management, communication skills, teamwork and leadership qualities.

Skills Development Levy (SDL)

SafetyWallet offers employers reimbursements support with the Skills Development Levy (SDL). This is a SARS levy imposed to encourage learning and development in the South African workplace. The levy is determined by an employer's salary bill and these funds are then channelled into developing and improving employee skills. All employers with salary bills exceeding R500 000 annually are liable for SDL payments. Employers are liable to pay SDL of 1% of the total salary bill. This includes overtime payments, leave pay, bonuses, commissions and lump-sum payments.

Skills Development Levy

B-BBEE Learner Assistance

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) enables previously disadvantaged students to gain access to higher education. Amendments to the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice encourage employers to assist learners in exchange for additional Skills Development scoreboard points. Corporates must achieve a 2.5% target on the Skills Development scorecard to maintain required B-BBEE levels.

One of the main challenges facing businesses is the identification and vetting of eligible students and the management and administration of funding and support payments. The compliance levels required to claim this B-BBEE  expenditure is specific. Obtaining the necessary documentation for every student is also challenging. However, with the help of SafetyWallet, corporates can concentrate on their core business while the online platform will take care of effective allocation funding.

Covid-19 Support

SafetyWallet updates its Covid-19 platform every day, keeping business owners up-to-date with the ever-changing rules and regulations imposed by the Government.

What SafetyWallet Membership Also Includes

Apart from all the incentives already discussed, the Health and Safety Training SafetyWallet membership package also includes:

  • Formal Training (Accredited / Workshops and Induction)
  • Centralized and On-Site Training, Formal Classroom Training on all Accredited / Workshops / Induction and Learner Training (Membership discount and rewards are applicable)
  • SafetyWallet Dashboard
  • Free Unlimited Users
  • Tax Incentives for Qualifications, Bursaries and Learner Assistance
  • Free Weekly Legislative Updates
  • Free Monthly Newsletter
  • Support with Legislative Requirements in Training

SafetyWallet Support and Reward


Occupational Health and Safety is a crucial component of any workplace. And now, with Covid-19, requirements for compliance are ever-changing. SafetyWallet supports and rewards members in every aspect of OHS training needs with E-learning short courses, qualifications and/or formal classroom-based health and safety training.

Thousands of members nationwide have made SafetyWallet a leading tool for supporting and assisting employers from a diverse range of industries to attain and retain health and safety compliance. SafetyWallet supports its members from commerce and industry every step of the way to create a healthier and safer working environment.


Posted date: 23rd Jun 2020
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