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We hope you like the new design, new format and new ways of sharing our knowledge and news with you!

Each month you'll get informative articles about SafetyWallet, SafetyWallet's Partners and Health and Safety in general, as well as staff-related news. 

This month, we are proud to announce that we added First Aid Level 1 to our 36 E-Learning courses that are Free of charge to you valued SafetyWallet members. Our Partner MAKROSAFE Holdings will do the practical assessment of the students that past the Theoretical part of the First Aid Level 1 at a minimum cost of R250.00 per delegate.

All our E-Learning courses are presented and made available by MAKROSAFE Holdings and we proud to say certified by the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health - (Saiosh).  

To date, we have had a total of 7'515 COVID-19 induction training courses that were completed online, and COVID-19 Managing Infections diseases in the workplace totals to 5'600 Courses Completed valued at R5.3 million

In total 17'396 students have utilized the Health and Safety SafetyWallet E-Learning platform presented by MAKROSAFE.

We are also very proud of the fact that 47'380 employers including yourself have download Free of charge, the COVID 19 Workplace readiness pack from mid-April 2020 to date to prepare and get their workplaces ready for employees, contractors, and visitors. The total value of this to the industry total of 307 million to industry and commerce

We are proud to SUPPORT and REWARD our members in all aspects of Health and Safety.

The SafetyWallet membership programme encourages, Supports, and Rewards employers to become compliant and or to maintain their complaints to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, all other relevant Legislation, Regulations, Standards, and Metropolitan / Municipal Bi-Laws relating to Occupational Health and Safety within the workplace. We help you understand how compliant you are in Health and Safety, provide tools and support to ensure you can improve your Health and Safety compliance whilst offering great rewards to motivate you along the way.

Our Mission - To encourage and Reward employers for being committed to Health and Safety by supporting and providing the organization with a total Health and Safety Solution, whether it be internally or through the SafetyWallet Partners programme. 

Our Vision - A cost effective, compliant Healthy and Safe work environment benefiting all employers in all industries within the South African economy.

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Leon van der Walt

Managing Director  

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E-Learning gives you the skills!

With this very convenient online training, all your employees can be trained with our NEW and UPDATED E-learning Courses.  

Most of our courses are free! In others, we only charge a minimal fee to complete the practical exam. Employees will be trained as quickly as they can work through the course!

CLICK HERE! for your E-learning Course: FIRST AID Level 1Saiosh Logo

Our Training is Endorsed by SAIOSH Look out for our New Courses HERE

A Health and safety boost to Compliance


A Health and Safety Compliance boost for Employers

Read more on:  A Health and Safety Compliance boost for Employers

Navigate the Dashboard . . .

The Dashboard provides all your information at a glance. The Compliance Audit is a great place to start!  All Health and Safety aspects are divided into categories and you will be in control of what you want to bring up to standard. Support is simply a phone call or Whatsapp away.  To see how the dashboard reacts to your actions you may view the potential Compliance level when you complete the Sections in blue (Depending on what your compliance is, the needle will move) 

View below image for potential Compliance on this particular Client's dashboard.

SaeftWallet Client Dashboard

Focus on managing the SHE Risk. .

An audit identifies any deviations in a SHE management system and a company’s compliance level with Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act requirements. Upon the completion of a Compliance Audit with Safety Wallet, an audit rating provides you with a report and a clear roadmap to guide your business to compliance.

If this is your first Compliance Audit with Safety Wallet you receive an 80% discount!

You receive up to 100% off your annual Audit grading, depending on your compliance level.

Compliance Audit

Read more on managing the Risk by clicking on the compliance  above