SafetyWallet Member Advertising

According to Ohio State Press Books, “advertising plays a prominent role in shaping opinions about everything from products to politics. It uses strategy and messaging to influence a target audience about the benefits of a product.” Advertising can alter how consumers perceive a product and entice them to use your product or service.

Any astute businessman knows and understands the power of advertising. He also knows that advertising targeted to a captive market is “the stuff that dreams are made of”. And that is exactly what SafetyWallet offers its members – an online platform on which targeted advertising can be directed at a captive audience.

Emphasising the power of advertising on the internet are figures released by These show that online advertising is a close second to television and video when it comes to South Africa’s annual advertising spend. In fact, online advertising has become so popular that it far outstrips radio and newspaper advertising income. And all indications are that online advertising is fast gaining that coveted number one position.

According to, online advertising revenue is as follows:

2018           R4 873 million

2019           R5 669 million

2020           R6 485 million

2021           R7 304 million

Admittedly, 2020 and 2021 predictions are based pre-Covid-19 but paint a clear picture of the strides taken by online advertising in recent years.Advertising Statistics

Now South African business owners have the opportunity of reaching their target market by advertising on the SafetyWallet Member Advertising platform. Not only will advertising on SafetyWallet illustrate a business commitment to health and safety, but it will also be targeted at a captive audience.

What the Member Advertising Platform Offers

SafetyWallet provides its members with customised digital strategy and support services. This ensures an optimised and effective advertising platform. A successful SafetyWallet marketing campaign will always tie into a company’s health and safety commitment and compliance.

The SafetyWallet support team is committed to understanding your business, not only for health and safety compliance but also for giving your company the optimal benefit to obtain business from other SafetyWallet platform members, as well as from the Contractor and Supplier platform.

SafetyWallet membership includes:

  • Visibility on the SafetyWallet website and the Contractors and Suppliers portal
  • SafetyWallet and OHS Online Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Awareness of Contractor and Supplier Compliance, as well as rewards awareness
  • Email Campaigns directed to SafetyWallet members
  • The use of metrics to analyse data to improve campaigns
  • Discounts for advertising on SafetyWallet's website and members’ portal
  • Exclusive advertising via mail-shot to all SafetyWallet members
  • Use of SafetyWallet and their partners’ logos on your company website
  • Basic reporting/analytics
  • Referrals and networking

SafetyWallet Membership

SafetyWallet membership is divided into six distinct categories based on the number of employees per site, price EXCL VAT

  1. Mini Circle for business owners with 1 to 10 employees. Monthly membership costs R250 with Rewards Discounts of 15%
  2. Care Circle for business owners with 11 to 20 employees. Monthly membership costs R400 with Rewards Discounts of 20%
  3. Friend Circle for business owners with 21 to 50 employees. Monthly membership costs R750 with Rewards Discounts of 25% 
  4. Family Circle for between 51 to 100 employees. Monthly membership is R1 500 with Rewards Discounts of 30% 
  5. Champion Circle for between 101 to 300 employees. Monthly membership is R2 900 with Rewards Discounts of 35%
  6. Pinnacle Circle for upwards of 300 employees. Monthly membership is R4 100 with Rewards Discounts of 40% 


SafetyWallet has thousands of members nationwide who are all committed to keeping their business premises healthy and safe. SafetyWallet is the focal point for supporting and assisting business owners in a diverse range of industries to achieve and maintain compliance with the OHS Act. SafetyWallet supports its members every step of the way by assisting industry and commerce to create a safer and healthier work environment.



Posted date: 23rd Jun 2020