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Contractor Control in SafetyWallet

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As a SafetyWallet member, why is my contractor control on-site so important?

Contractor control on your premises is a very important aspect of health and safety. The contractor and his employees will not be familiar with your premises or the hazards they could possibly encounter while on your premises, increasing the chances of a serious incident occurring.They are also an unknown entity, which means you, as the employer, will not know how safe they are when the View Full Answer

Adding A Contractor in SafetyWallet

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Why does adding a contractor to my SafetyWallet profile need both SafetyWallet and OHS Online?

Yes, this may seem a bit odd but in actual fact it isn't. SafetyWallet provides a convenient point for you to add a contractor to your profile, however, OHS Online is the database and main work place for your data. So, SafetyWallet places the selected contractor into the vetting queue. OHS Online is where you follow up and complete the vetting process so your chosen contractor can be added to your View Full Answer

Contractor Profile in SafetyWallet

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The contractor I want to use in SafetyWallet, has details missing. Why is this?

A very important question! Unfortunately, this is not the fault of SafetyWallet. It's actually linked to the contractor and their profile. It means that when the contractor was setup, they did not provide details for a contact, their email or their website address, so SafetyWallet cannot display the details you need to contact them. This is why it's very important that when you are setu View Full Answer

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In SafetyWallet, what details do I need to give to make sure my profile, as a contractor, is correct on the Contractor Listing?

A very good question and a very important one too! There are actually a few important details which you need to provide to make sure your contractor profile is correct. These are as follows:1/. Contact Name - this would be the name of the person in your company who would manage new sales or services to clients. 2/. Contact Number - obviously, if we have a name, we also need a numbe View Full Answer

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In SafetyWallet, why are keywords important in the Contractor Listing?

Keywords are a crucial aspect to the contractor listing and your being found by prospective clients! Think about it! When you go onto Google, you enter keywords to search for a topic! This is the same thing, only this time, it's you that you want to be found. Think of up to 15 words that would best describe the services you offer and SafetyWallet will use these for you to be found (we can add a fe View Full Answer

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Sometimes I see the ‘Add to Contractors’ button differs in SafetyWallet, for different contractors. Why is this?

Ah, yes, good spotting! The 'Add to My Contractors' button can actually have three different settings, depending on the contractor's status in relation to YOU. Where the contractor has no link to you, you will see the 'Add to My Contractors' button, allowing you to add the contractor to your profile. If you wish to add the contractor and have clicked on the 'Add to My Contractors' butto View Full Answer

Using the Contractor Directory in SafetyWallet