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Understanding Audit Information in SafetyWallet

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I’ve opened my dashboard in SafetyWallet and see a lot going on. What does all this mean?

Awesome! As a new SafetyWallet member you've taken the plunge and logged on to your SafetyWallet dashboard. That's great! This is your first big step towards your health and safety compliance!Yes, I know, it does look quite daunting but don't worry, we're here to help you! We'll show you what's what and before long you'll be whizzing through this stuff like a pro!A View Full Answer

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Why does the SafetyWallet Dashboard 'grey-out' now and again?

Ahh, yes, this happens when an audit is due immediately or is overdue and it has not been done. It is the system's way of saying either an initial audit needs to be conducted or an annual review audit needs to be conducted.To fix this problem, check the orange Request Audit which appears on your Dashboard at this time, to check what your audit will cost. In most cases, the price should be very aff View Full Answer

Requesting An Initial Audit

Requesting An Review Audit

Review Audit in SafetyWallet

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Why does SafetyWallet grey-out my Dashboard?

SafetyWallet greys-out your dashboard because your annual review audit is overdue and has not been performed. An annual audit review of your health and safety system is important to continually check health and safety compliance. A year is a suitable checking period as this period also allows changes in the workplace or changes in general legislation or even changes in legislation affec View Full Answer