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I need to complete a W.Cl.2 form to report an accident. Can I find a copy of this form in OHS Online?

A great question! The answer is, yes you can! You will find the W.Cl.2 form in the Incident section of OHS Online. Click on the Incident option on the main Menu Bar to open the Incidents section. At the top of the Incident page, you will see a number of buttons, which allow indicate important process reports. Here, you can open the W.Cl.2 form and also the Annexure 1 form and Resumption View Full Answer

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    The Additional Details Tab

    Incident Tab

    How does the Additional Details tab work in the Incidents section in OHS Online?

    The Additional Details tab is the fourth tab to be populated in the incident process. It allows further details about the employee to be inputted. In particular, details about the doctor and medical facility the employee was sent to and whether the accident cause may have been the result of the injured employee's actions. It also allows further accident details to be added, such as witn View Full Answer

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      The Progress (Prog) Tab

      Incident Tab

      When I look at the list of documents in the Progress (Prog) tab, in the Incidents section in OHS Online, I see there is more than one Progress Report. Why is that?

      That's a good question! You're quite right; the W.Cl.5 - Progress / Final Medical Report document is repeated in the Prog tab. This is because the W.Cl.5 report has two functions, as a progress medical report and a final medical report. When the progress medical report aspect is used, there is no way to know how many visits the injured employee will need to the doctor before the doctor View Full Answer

        The Account (Acc) Tab

        Incident Tab

        How does the Account (Acc) tab work in the Incidents section in OHS Online?

        The Acc tab is the eighth tab to be populated in the incident process. This tab is split into two parts; the first part allows general account details, relating to the accident to be inputted. These details can include costs which are related to the accident, for example, prescriptions for medication the employee may have required. The second part allows the employee's earnings to be en View Full Answer