The knock-on effect of achieving Health and Safety Goals

Direct effect of full Health and Safety Compliance

There are numerous benefits when a business is fully compliant with Health and Safety Regulations, including, but not limited to:

  • Ensuring that all hazards and risks are identified and can be mitigated to minimize and even eliminate the chances of an incident occurring.
  • Employees are protected and aligned with the Health and Safety objectives and goals in addition to working in a safe and healthy environment which ensures that they are able to return home safely.
  • Ensuring that productivity is increased as result of fewer incidents that cause delays, and many more.

When considering what SafetyWallet offers employers who become members, this further substantiates the direct effect of being fully compliant and assists members in reaping the benefits of having achieved their Health and Safety goals.

Achieving Health and Safety goals through making use of what SafetyWallet has to offer is easy and hassle-free with the added benefit of having the necessary support and assistance not only in implementing a Safety Programme but maintaining it as well.

How does SafetyWallet help its members achieve their Health and Safety goals?

The current business environment is one that is ever-changing and expanding and it may be difficult for some employers to keep up with the changing times, but SafetyWallet offers a unique and perfect solution.

The solutions, services, and support offered by SafetyWallet is one of the first of its kind in South Africa in addition to the partnership between SafetyWallet, OHS Online, and MAKROSAFE being the first and largest collaboration in the country as of yet.

SafetyWallet offers employers the chance to become members on its comprehensive and all-inclusive platform, making provision for support and assistance in the following areas:

SafetyWallet already has thousands of members spread across South Africa, with this number increasing steadily as more businesses and employers make use of SafetyWallet’s unique offering.

SafetyWallet supports their members every step of the way in the process to become more compliant towards Health and Safety regulations in all industries and commerce with the purpose of creating a safer and healthier working environment.

Despite the rapid changes that industries are facing, SafetyWallet has professional staff that offer support in all Health and Safety matters to enable employers and subsequent members to improve the future of Occupational Health and Safety in South Africa.

By providing members with a dedicated Support Manager which further assists with training, the safety program, the audit procedure, and more, members are well on their way to achieve their Health and Safety goals.

From start to finish, and even after having achieved the Health and Safety goals identified, SafetyWallet offers comprehensive and extensive support to its members in all aspects concerning the following:

  • Health and Safety training which includes a variety of areas including the analysis on training requirements, Dedicated Skills Development Facilitator, Skills Development Levy Reimbursements, B-BBEE Learnership Assistance, Covid-19, and more.
  • E-Learning, Accredited E-Learning, Formal training, and more.
  • Implementation and maintenance of a Health and Safety Programme along with Self Help options, Outsourcing of Health and Safety Services, a comprehensive rewards programme.
  • Assistance and provision of a Health and Safety Compliance Grading Audit with assistance from start to finish and additional rewards depending on the level of compliance.
  • Member advertising and a rewards programme surrounding contractors and suppliers based on ranking on the vendor database, and more.

The knock-on effect of having achieved Health and Safety Goals

There are measurable benefits in having undergone the process towards becoming fully compliant where Health and Safety are concerned in the workplace, but there are often effects as a result of this that are overlooked.

Business growth and expansion is one of these knock-on effects that result from being fully compliant and ensuring that Health and Safety programmes are not only implemented by consistently maintained to ensure that changes in the environment are accommodated.

By maintaining a healthy and safe working environment and achieving health and safety goals, members with SafetyWallet are privy to some of the following effects:

  • Work environments are more productive as achieving health and safety goals helps to create a safety culture between and among employers and employees.
  • Absenteeism is significantly reduced when effective safety programmes are introduced and when health and safety goals are achieved as workers are more motivated and encouraged as a result of safer working environments.
  • Workers are happier when they work in environments where safety is ensured and there is a collective safety culture and mindset.
  • Insurance claims decrease when health and safety goals are achieved and maintained, benefitting the finances of the business and employer.
  • Business customers are won and retained more easily when there is full compliance towards health and safety.
  • The brand value and the goodwill for the business is enhanced due to being able to win and retain more clients.

Final Thoughts

When considering the direct and indirect effects that full compliance towards achieving Health and Safety goals has, in addition to the rewards, support, and assistance that SafetyWallet offers, it is clear why SafetyWallet’s client base is increasing rapidly.

Not only does full compliance and the achieving of Health and Safety goals serve the purpose of protecting employees, but businesses and employers benefit greatly from numerous positive effects of this.

In ensuring that Health and Safety goals are achieved and the standards that are set are maintained, businesses pave the way forward to being a part of a high Health and Safety standard in South Africa along with becoming more successful in various industries.

Where the process of achieving Health and Safety goals used to be tedious and services offered by providers never quite fully catered for each aspect and need of individual businesses, SafetyWallet offers a holistic, adequate solution with minimal effort.

Business continuity depends on various factors, but the main factor is providing a safe working environment which results in the various knock-on effects mentioned, and even more.

Posted date: 15th Jul 2020