How Commitment to Health and Safety draws in more Business by using SafetyWallet

Health and Safety in the Workplace

When running a business, it is imperative to consider the various aspects which will determine the success thereof. One of these essential aspects includes the provision made to ensure Workplace Safety.

Employers need to provide safe and healthy working environments for a wide array of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Offering protection to employees.
  • It helps to build a good reputation for the business.
  • It boosts overall activity and creates productive work environments.
  • Work premises are kept to higher standards.
  • Absenteeism minimizes when adequate safety programmes are in place.
  • Prevents insurance or legal issues, and more.
  • It ensures that businesses become more people-orientated as the most important factor is protecting the most important asset of any company namely the employees.

The provision of adequate health and safety measures have become stricter in recent times and for good reason. In maintaining the health and safety standards within a work place, it contributes greatly to the success of a business.

How making use of SafetyWallet can draw in more business

SafetyWallet provides an all-inclusive package when employers become members, and apart from working towards being fully compliant and obtaining great rewards in doing so, SafetyWallet provides employers with the assistance in drawing in more business.

SafetyWallet, along with its partnerships with OHS Online and MAKROSAFE, supports and rewards employers in the following four components of Health and Safety Industry and Commerce, namely:

While providing employers with a variety of training services and initiatives along with an elaborate, comprehensive Safety Programme and in addition offering to conduct a Health and Safety Compliance Grading Audit, SafetyWallet caters extensively for advertising.

It is a tedious task when considering the difficulty involved for small and medium-sized contractors and suppliers in adhering to Health and Safety requirements despite the main business adhering to such and implementing new ways to ensure Workplace Health and Safety.

The engagement between SafetyWallet members and contractors and suppliers involves certain health and safety responsibilities for both the contractor and/or supplier and any other participant affected by their activities.

While contractors and suppliers are subjected to their own legal health and safety responsibilities, members, or the business under which they work, are still responsible to ensure that contractors and suppliers adhere to the overall health and safety regulations.

One of the main reasons for this difficulty is the financial burden and the constraints that exists when Health and Safety measures are put in place, and the adherence to such.

SafetyWallet addresses this issue head-on through the Rewards Discount and furthermore, in addition to this, SafetyWallet provides a further 12.5% Rewards Discount when the SafetyWallet Contractors and Suppliers benefit is used.

In using this, businesses, and subsequent members, are eligible for a maximum Return on Investment, or more commonly known as ROI, on the Health and Safety Programme that the business implements and maintains.

This does not end there, when becoming a member with SafetyWallet, businesses and employers have the SafetyWallet marketing team on their side. The team is committed to providing adequate support to SafetyWallet members through numerous ways.