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Target Audience

  • Electricians
  • Maintenance Supervisors and workers
  • Health and Safety Representatives
  • Supervisors
  • Line Managers, and
  • Any individual expected to meet the requirements of the first-time instruction in safe working practices for electricians.

Introduction of the Electrical Safety e-Learning Training Course

This training course serves the purpose as an overview of basic electrical safety for individuals with limited electrical training who, as part of their work, may potentially be exposed to electrical hazards.
This is an awareness level course for “unqualified persons” as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act definition on Electrical Regulations.
Electricity is essential to modern life, whether at home or at work, and some employees work with electricity directly. Such employees include electricians, electronic workers, and power line workers, amidst others.
There are numerous employees that may work in close contact with electricity but are not qualified to handle electrical components directly or allowed to be exposed to live electrical parts.

Aim of the Effective Contractor Management e-Learning Training Course

To outline the importance of compliance with and understand the requirements of ensuring that there is compliance with Electrical Safe Working Practices from when work starts until it is concluded.
This training serves the purpose of helping to ensure that individuals stay within the framework of the electrical regulations and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
In addition, the training describes the implications of non-adherence to the legislative requirements of the relevant legislation. In addition, it also outlines the requirements of the individual to demonstrate the following:

  1. Extensive knowledge of the general principles which relate to working safely within the electrical industry
  2. The prescriptive requirements of safety clothing and equipment in use, and
  3. The safe use of tools and equipment.

This program identifies electrical hazards and safety precautions required when working with electricity. This includes fires in electrical equipment as well as procedures relating to the reporting of electrical accidents and safety lock-out/tag-out systems. Lastly, the training outlines the requirements involved with:

  1. The demonstration of knowledge of general principles of working safely
  2. Emphasising personal safety and the safety of others which needs to be identified and described with the reporting procedures for unsafe situations
  3. The need for electrical work to be performed by a competent person in accordance with the legislation regulations, codes of practice, and standards in relation to current policies and procedures.

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Course Outcome of the Electrical Safety e-Learning Training

Upon completion of this course, the candidate will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge regarding the general principles and precautions relating to work safety in the electrical industry
  2. Identify the safety clothing and safety equipment as used in the electrical industry
  3. Understand the safe use of tools and equipment in the electrical industry
  4. Have adequate knowledge of electrical hazards and safety precautions
  5. Have a clear and defined understanding of required and prescriptive procedures relating to fires in electrical equipment and the reporting of electrical accidents
  6. Have obtained extensive knowledge of the theory and practical principles of a safety Lockout/Tagout system.
  7. Evaluate the necessity for the formulation, development, and implementation of an electrical maintenance management plan.

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Key Content Covered

The content of this course has been formulated around the prescriptive content to ensure that the candidate can:

  1. Identify and solve common problems
  2. Make decisions using critical thinking when identifying hazardous conditions
  3. Assess and take appropriate action should hazardous conditions have been identified
  4. Work with others and protect employees who work on or near electrical conductors and equipment
  5. Be able to identify employees’ appropriate training and protection requirements.
  6. Prepare for making safe and knowing which tools and personnel protective equipment is required and communicate such intentions with personnel
  7. Interpret the contents of the OHSA Electrical Regulations along with key terms and concepts of electrical safety, and
  8. Realize the importance of electrical safety-related work practices along with the different types of electrical injuries.

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The candidate attending the course will be assessed against the outcomes of each element through the completion of a subscribed knowledge assessment. The assessment will cover the essential embedded knowledge as stipulated in the course and will ensure that the candidate can apply the learning to a working situation.

Conditions of enrolment and certification

To gain access to this training program, it is mandatory that the employer subscribe to the SafetyWallet membership subscription so that the learner can enrol to any of the Health and Safety e-Learning training programmes.
Attending candidates must obtain a pass mark of at least 75% or higher is necessary in each Modular Assessment. Should these conditions have been met, the candidate will receive an accredited Certificate of Completion.

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