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Target Audience

  • All those involved in Environmental Waste Management
  • Employees
  • Supervisors
  • Contractors, and
  • Subcontractors

Introduction to Waste Recycling e-Learning Training Course

This course outlines the importance of having a Waste Recycling and Management program in the workplace in addition to understanding the concept of waste recycling.
This course helps to raise both personal and public awareness of environmental issues including the benefits of reducing, re-using, and recycling of general environmental waste materials.
These materials would otherwise be taken to landfill sites where they contribute greatly to environmental issues and encourage pollution in various forms. The course helps its attendants identify items which can be recycled through a recycling management program.

Aim of the Waste Recycling e-Learning Training Course

To provide the candidate with an initial understanding of an introduction to a waste management plan, to identify the components of the environment, and to respond to questions regarding interrelationships within the context of their industry.
For the candidate to recognise the impacts of events and human activities on the environment and gather information relating to environmental impacts. This allows the candidate to report results and take appropriate action to address such impacts.
To equip the candidate with the fundamentals of identifying and classifying individuals involved in the Environmental Waste Management program.
This will provide effective waste recycling mechanisms to work towards a shared zero waste future, increase education relating to reduce, re-use, and recycle, and minimize environmental impacts.
This course provides both formal and informal methods of Environmental Waste Management which will focus on waste recycling steps. It will also outline the benefits of an Environmental Waste Management training program in the form of:

  1. Classroom-based learning
  2. Online or eLearning, and
  3. Daily or weekly toolbox talks relating to the waste recycling program.

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Course Outcome to Waste Recycling e-Learning Training

Upon completion of this course, the candidate will be able to understand and demonstrate, through achieving integrated waste management planning, reliable information on waste streams.
This will allow for waste flows to be formulated and for an effective system of performance to be established based on Environmental Waste Management Program results.
The candidate will, after the completion of this course be able to:

  1. Set in place, and identify, a sound budget and financial management system for waste services.
  2. Provide adequate staffing and the capacity for waste management.
  3. Put in place an effective compliance structure and enforce waste regulations.
  4. Create awareness of situations and conditions that can affect the ability of employees to perform work.
  5. Understand the procedural requirements for effective waste monitoring and reporting through a performance waste function, and
  6. Ensure that people are aware of the impact of waste on health, well-being, and the environment.

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Key Content Covered

The course is aimed at ensuring that the candidate can demonstrate suitable knowledge pertaining to the introduction, implementation, and management of efficient Waste Recycling activities in the workplace.
The content of this course includes the following:

  1. The identification of Safety, Health, and Environmental hazards.
  2. The inclusion of safety responsibilities and accountabilities
  3. The solving of problems and decisionmaking based on critical thinking when crating or implementing a workplace in which waste is managed responsibly.

The facilitation of recycling of waste is based on the following principles including, but not limited to:

  1. Evaluation of potential hazards, implementation of required processes and healthy introduction of a waste recycling program.
  2. Preparation for making workplaces safe and recommendation for equipment used.
  3. Explanations on the monitoring of waste recycling measures through an in-house monitoring program.

In addition, the following content is covered during this course and its assessment:

  1. Introduction to Waste Recycling, Definition of Waste Recycling, items which can be recycled, and items that cannot be recycled.
  2. Reasons why a company should start recycling and the steps involved in a recycling programme, and
  3. The opportunities that an Environmental Waste Management, or Recycling, Program helps to create.

Extended content of an Environmental Waste Management Program includes:

  1. Securing ecologically sustainable development while promoting justifiable economic and social development. This can be done through waste generation avoidance and minimization.
  2. Reducing, re-using, and recycling in addition to recovering waste.
  3. Promoting and ensuring the effective delivery of waste services.
  4. Treating and safely disposing of waste as a last resort, and
  5. Remediating land where contamination presents a significant risk or harm to either health, the environment, or to both.

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The candidate attending the course will be assessed against the outcomes of each element through the completion of a subscribed knowledge assessment.
The assessment will cover the essential embedded knowledge as stipulated in the course and will ensure that the candidate can apply the learning to a working situation.

Conditions of enrolment and certification

To gain access to this training program, it is mandatory that the employer subscribe to the SafetyWallet membership subscription so that the learner can enrol to any of the Health and Safety e-Learning training programmes. Attending candidates must obtain a pass mark of at least 75% or higher is necessary in each Modular Assessment. Should these conditions have been met, the candidate will receive an accredited Certificate of Completion.

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