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Introduction to Occupational and Work-related Diseases e-Learning Training Course

The purpose of this course is to provide the candidate with an explanation and an overview of workplace illnesses and potential medical conditions that employees may be exposed to. This can either be as a result of tasks or activities conducted in the workplace. The candidate is provided with an overview into workplace illnesses and is familiarized with the measures which must be considered to protect employees in the prevention of most occupational diseases and illnesses. The course also provides a comprehensive definition of Occupational Disease in addition to comprehensive content to equip the candidate with knowledge and information on potential exposures to such diseases or illnesses in the workplace.

Aim of the Occupational and Work-related Diseases e-Learning Training Course

The candidate is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect themselves against any possible exposure to the most common Occupational Work-Related Diseases, including:

  1. Occupational Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD
  2. Occupational Dermatitis and Muscular Skeletal Disorders, or MSD

This includes conditions which result in and the causes of such Occupational Work-Related Disease, the signs and symptoms, and the treatment options thereof. The candidate is also provided with the steps to take in the prevention thereof and how to cope with such conditions.
The candidate is provided with a clear understanding of the different medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure and the methods through which they can be prevented and controlled.
The candidate is provided with knowledge on exposure to noise and hearing loss, the causes thereof, treatment to prevent further damage, and the effective management of noise levels.
The course also provides the candidate of knowledge and understanding pertaining to influenza and common colds, the common signs and symptoms, guidance on when to seek medical attention, and an explanation on treatment guidelines.

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Course Outcome to the Occupational and Work-related Diseases e-Learning Training

Upon completion of this course, the attending candidate will have a clear understanding, and be able to demonstrate, the suitable prevention of work-related medical conditions in addition to being able to:

  1. Identify work related illnesses and disease
  2. Understand the procedural requirements when affected by any of the listed diseases
  3. Explain and develop a hazard assessment program relating to the management of work-related diseases, and
  4. Ensure essential monitoring through the level of supervision as reflected by the severity of the risks involved and the ability of employees to avoid them.

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Key Content Covered

In ensuring that diseases in the workplace are well-managed and controlled, the content in this course extensively covers:

  1. The identification of safety, health, and environmental hazards relating to Occupational and Work-Related Disease
  2. The inclusion of safety responsibilities and accountabilities through the solving of common problems and making decisions based on critical thinking
  3. The implementation or creating of a workplace which is safe and risk-free
  4. Identification and dealing with problems relating to conditions which may cause or result in Occupational and Work-Related illness and disease.
  5. Evaluate potential hazards which may expose workers to Occupational and Work-Related Disease
  6. Implement the required processes to promote the safety and health of employees by ensuring that the most common medical conditions are managed and controlled through inspections, monitoring, and creating a healthy working environment
  7. Prepare for making the workplace safe and understanding the types of conditions that employees may be exposed to, and
  8. Knowledge on how a hazard assessment should be done and which appropriate circumstances or actions should be selected, and where.

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The candidate attending the course will be assessed against the outcomes of each element through the completion of a subscribed knowledge assessment. The assessment will cover the essential embedded knowledge as stipulated in the course and will ensure that the candidate can apply the learning to a working situation.

Conditions of enrolment and certification

To gain access to this training program, it is mandatory that the employer subscribe to the SafetyWallet membership subscription so that the learner can enrol to any of the Health and Safety e-Learning training programmes. Attending candidates must obtain a pass mark of at least 75% or higher is necessary in each Modular Assessment. Should these conditions have been met, the candidate will receive an accredited Certificate of Completion.

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